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Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

Afghan Autoflowering SeedsAfghan Autoflowering seeds comprise of the very best genetics in an easy-to-grow, self-flowering form. Be amazed at how fast growing your own weed can be with these feminized Autoflowering seeds.

With no requirement for set hours of regular darkness, these pure-female seeds can be successfully cultivated outdoors during the Spring and Summer months, or all-year round, within a purpose-built growing area.

These Afghan seeds are an Indica dominant strain that contain a high-quality Ruderalis genetics to ensure self-flowering. Expect short, squat plants with a combined growth and flowering cycle of approximately 10 weeks from germination.

Completely feminized seeds ensure every plant is guaranteed female, producing large, dense sticky buds with an earthy aroma and sweet pine flavor. An easy-to-grow Marijuana strain that’s perfect for all levels of experience.

Yields are lower than traditional feminized Afghan seeds, but with a much shorter life-cycle, these Afghan Autoflowering seeds have a far greater chance of reaching maturity when cultivated outdoors during the short Canadian growing season.

Growing Autoflowering seeds indoors in Canada is becoming very popular, allowing plants of all ages to be successfully cultivated together in one single area.

By adjusting the light-cycle to an 18/6 on-off setting, plants of all ages can be cultivated from germination through to complete maturity with no reduction to the lighting hours needed or necessary.

Afghan Autoflower Strain.

Afghan Autoflowering seeds produce strong, potent buds with an average THC content of 17%.

A perfect strain for aiding relaxation, it induces a powerful euphoric high and calming body-buzz that can sooth away the aches, pains and stress of the day or enjoyed in the evening, helping the mind to unwind and assisting sleep.

Afghan Cannabis is well-known for its pain-relieving properties and is often prescribed to help reduce joint and muscular pain, such as suffered by arthritis patients, as well as for relieving stress and combating insomnia.

If you’re looking for a stable and reliable Autoflowering Cannabis strain to grow in Canada this coming season, these Afghan Autoflowering seeds are a perfect choice, for both indoor and outdoor growers alike. Easy to grow and super-fast to mature, their hardy nature and natural resilience to mold make them a perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience.

Produced and dispatched directly by Crop King, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of high quality cannabis seeds, you can buy these feminized Autoflowering Afghan cannabis seeds in complete packs of 5, 10 and 25 seeds, with all the help and support you may need, from purchase through to harvest.

Enjoy a variety of ways to pay, as well as a first-class customer support, always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Afghan Auto Seeds

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Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

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