Afghan Kush Feminized

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Afghan Kush Feminized Seeds

Powerful classic Indica with a narcotic ‘body-buzz’ effect.

Afghan Kush Feminised

Cultivated by growers across the world, Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds are a classic Indica variety with typical characteristics. Expect large, bushy plants with an easy-to-grow nature and natural resistance to many common bugs, pests and Cannabis plant diseases.

Originally a Land-race strain found in the Hindu Kush mountains, these hardy, Indica Cannabis plants can adapt to a variety of climates and conditions. Specially bred by Seedsman seeds, the pure-female seeds are the result of crossing a top-quality Afghan with an potent and flavor-filled L.A. Kush.

Stable, versatile and feminized, each seed is capable of producing a healthy female plant. Easy to grow and requiring little previous knowledge or experience, the plants quickly generate a potent, high-quality crop.

Feminized seeds are devoid of all male chromosomes, eliminating the need for sexing. With every seed guaranteed to produce a pure female plant, per-plant harvests are maximized, generating the finest, seed-free buds.

As with all Feminized Cannabis seeds, the vegetative and flowering stages are defined by the number of daylight hours the plants receive. Cultivated outdoors from the end of Spring, the plants will grow and develop over the Summer months.

The plants can reach heights of up to 250 cm tall by complete maturity, yielding between 600 – 800 grams of high-quality buds each. Outdoor growers should expect to harvest late September – early October, given good conditions.

An easy-to-grow strain, it can be successfully cultivated indoors, within a purpose built area. An ideal candidate for Sea-of-Green technique, its strong, close branches soon develop a thick, even canopy.

With greater environmental control, indoor flowering times are reduced to between 55 – 60 days, with an even 12/12 daylight-darkness cycle. Yields are impressive, with good growing methods producing up to 500 grams of the highest quality buds per square meter.

Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A classic Indica plant, whose genetics have been incorporated into many modern-day, popular strains. Afghan Kush Feminized seeds are the perfect choice for all levels of experience. Expect stable, uniform plants with identical characteristics time after time.

The buds are large and dense, with a generous coating of resin making the trim ideal for edibles, extracts and concentrates. Its unique pine and menthol flavor is derived courtesy of its L.A. Kush heritage, incorporating that West Coast vibe.

THC levels are strong, averaging between 15% – 20% depending on conditions and harvesting, with a CBD content of less than 1%. The high is very physical, inducing a fast-acting, long-lasting ‘body-buzz’ that can leave you very relaxed and sedated.

Perfect for night-time use, it can quickly ease pain, stress and tension, allowing you to relax at the end of the day. Often prescribed to help combat insomnia, it can also reduce inflammation, easing the effects of rheumatism and arthritis.

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Afghan Kush

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