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Alaskan Purple Feminized Seeds

A 3-way hybrid producing incredible yields of purple-colored buds.

Alaskan Purple Feminised

Alaskan Purple Feminized Cannabis seeds are a 3-way hybrid incorporating some of the finest genetics. An Indica dominant blend of the original Alaskan Purple strain, with the addition of both Kush and a Brazilian Sativa genes. The resulting plants are stable, vibrant and display vigorous growth. Producing large buds and yields, with a beautiful purple coloring.

Highly adaptable to a many growing techniques, Alaskan Purple Feminized seeds can be cultivated indoors or outside during the growing season. Perfect for growers of all levels of experience, the plants are easy-to-grow and forgiving of many of the common errors and mistakes made by new and inexperienced growers.

Indoor growers can use an array of advanced cultivation methods to obtain the very best and biggest yields. The plants respond well to a variety of techniques, including Sea and Screen-of-Green, Super-cropping, LST cultivation, topping, bending or just straight-forward growing.

Cultivated outdoors in warm conditions, the plants will be ready to harvest in the first weeks of October. Grown over the Summer months, they can reach incredible sizes, yielding up to 1,700 grams of usable Cannabis buds each.

Indoor growers have a greater degree of control over the plants environment, subsequently producing slightly higher quality buds. A short vegetative period is recommended when growing Alaskan Purple indoors, as they can achieve above-average heights.

Flowering begins once the plants receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night. Requiring approximately 63 days to completely flower, bud and mature.

An easy-to-grow strain, that when mastered can be extremely generous with her yields. Alaskan Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds are perfect for all levels of experience and cultivation methods.

Alaskan Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A great choice for the outdoor grower, Seedsman’s Alaskan Purple Feminized Cannabis seeds are versatile and able to adapt to a wide number of conditions. Loved for their famous purple coloring, the buds have loads of ‘bag-appeal’ making them ideal for commercial and cash-crop growers.

Completely feminized and stable, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure-female plant, with similar traits and characteristics. Enjoy hard, dense, nugget-buds with a heavily-frosted coating of resin giving them a ‘sparkling’ appearance.

Colder night-time temperatures enhance the buds ‘purple’ coloring, which, when dried and cured, have a sweet, fruity-berry flavor with a slightly floral aroma. An enjoyable, smooth smoke, with a juicy, mouth-watering taste.

THC levels average between 15% – 20% inducing a typical-Indica ‘body-buzz’ effect, but with an added Sativa twist. The inclusion of the Brazilian Sativa to the genetics gives these Alaskan Purple buds an additional cerebral high. The result is a dreamy, psychoactive experience with a relaxing, sleepy effect.

Perfect for late-evening and night-time use, it can reduce chronic pain, inflammation and help to combat insomnia.

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Alaskan Purple

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