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Its been just over two years now since Canada legalized the use of Cannabis for recreational purposes. In many ways its been a success, allowing more people access to high-quality, regulated buds. Unfortunately though the additional taxation has pushed prices over and above those charged on the ‘Black-market’.

For many people, the legalization of Cannabis gave them the opportunity to grow their own weed. Prior to this, only citizens with medical cards were legally able to grow and cultivate their own Cannabis plants. Now all Canadians can grow, possess and enjoy Cannabis without fear of arrest or jail.

Growing Cannabis in Canada isn’t as easy as it is in other, warmer countries. The colder temperatures and fast onset of Winter, make growing Cannabis outdoors a challenge. There are seeds and strains that can be successfully cultivated outdoors under even the most extreme conditions. However, the biggest harvests and best quality buds are usually produced by indoor Cannabis growers.

Growing Cannabis seeds indoors allows for far greater control over the plants environment. Temperature, fresh air quality, water, nutrients and light-hours are all much easier to monitor and adjust. Switching from vegetative to flowering requires the minimum of fuss, with a simple adjustment of the light hours, in the case of feminized seeds.

There are a wide variety of Cannabis seeds for sale online, with several, trusted producers and suppliers. With the current laws prohibiting the importation of agricultural seeds into Canada, buying from a trusted Canadian website is your best option. Many European Cannabis seed banks no longer export seeds to Canada due to these laws.

Popular Cannabis Seeds 2021 – Feminized

As we move into the new year, many people are looking for the best Cannabis seeds of 2021. For some people this will mean flavor, aroma and potency, other growers may look for bigger yields. Everyone has different opinions about what makes a top-quality strain, but good seed selection is vital.

Feminized seeds are the most popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers around the world. Devoid of male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to pure only female plants. As only the female Cannabis plant produces buds, growing unwanted males is a waste of time, effort and resources.

Whether you grow indoors within a purpose-built growing area, or outdoors during the Summer months, maximizing your yields has to be a primary concern. Growing feminized Cannabis seeds ensures every plant produces a worthwhile harvest.

Cannabis plants have two different phases in their lives and change once the sunlight hours reduce. Whether you grow indoors or outside, your plants will grow and vegetate while the light-hours are above 12 per day. Once these reduce below 12 hours per day, new growth will slow. The plant will change from growth to flowering, producing buds over the following 8 – 10 weeks.

There are a wide selection of Feminized Cannabis seeds for sale, with varieties from a wide choice of seed banks and breeders. Choose from ‘Old-School’ classics, or one of the latest popular strains. With a wide assortment of flavors, aroma’s and high’s, you’re bound to find a strain to suit your needs.

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Popular Cannabis Seeds 2021 – Autoflowering

All our best Autoflowering Cannabis seeds 2021 are feminized, guaranteed to produce the finest female plants. Created from original feminized Cannabis strains, they have been crossed with a high-quality Ruderalis to enable self, autoflowering.

With no requirement for long hours of set, daily darkness, Autoflowering seeds flower almost from sprouting. Over the course of 8 – 10 weeks, these special Cannabis seeds grow and flower simultaneously, reducing the time from germination to harvest to a minimum.

The plants are smaller and squat, due to their reduced growing time, but produce similar buds to traditional Cannabis seeds. Per-plant yields are smaller than the harvests of traditional feminized seeds. However the speed and ease at which they mature can make up for this.

It has become more and more common to grow Autoflowering seeds indoors. With a greater degree of control over the plants environment, the quality and quantity the plants produce can be improved. Setting your lights to an 18/6 on-off regime will produce the biggest yields and best quality buds.

Our collection of high-quality Autoflowering Cannabis seeds is expanding rapidly. With our recommended seed banks adding new varieties, we are publishing strain reviews every few days. Check out all the latest Autoflowering seeds for sale, many not yet shown on our primary page.

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Best Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada 2021

With the rise in popularity of growing Cannabis in Canada, several new Cannabis seed banks have become established. Although they are not new, many having been around several years, the rise in demand for Cannabis seeds in Canada has increased their sales dramatically.

Many of these Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada have a wide selection of feminized and Autoflowering seeds, perfect for growing. With strains for both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques and for all levels of experience.

Although not all websites are trusted and reputable, in general the majority are. In these days of social media, rogue companies and rip-off websites soon become exposed. Happy, returning customers are the foundations of building a good business, and poor quality seeds don’t make for repeat purchases.

We have begun to review many of the leading Canadian Cannabis seed banks, together with their best selling strains. Buying Cannabis seeds in Canada is much safer and far more secure from a trusted Canadian Cannabis seed bank.

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