Building An Indoor Grow Room For Cannabis

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Building An Indoor Grow Room

In many parts of the world people have the right to grow their our own natural medicine, either indoors or outdoors, if you choose to grow weed indoors you must replicate the perfect environment of nature. Building an indoor grow room can allow you to do that, if you follow a few simple rules.

If you are considering building an indoor grow room you need to find the right space, it may be a cupboard, a room, or you can even build your own. A good place to grow is in a basement where it’s easy to maintain a constant temperature year round. Wherever you decide to build an indoor grow room for Cannabis, make sure it can get proper ventilation, air must move both in and out.

Fresh air is essential in all gardens, outdoors the air is abundant and packed with carbon dioxide which is necessary for plant life, and indoor grow rooms must be meticulously controlled to replicate the outdoor atmosphere. Air should be extracted from the entire room in less than 5 minutes. That means you need to have entry for the air and an exit for the air. Vent fans work best for this. Because plants consume so much water and they transpire most of the water into the air, if there is not proper circulation of air the humidity in the room will eventually reach 100% which causes the growth to stop. It also makes it easier for pest attacks and disease to begin growing.

The first thing you need to do when building an indoor grow room for Cannabis is to clean it! If there is a carpet, you need to remove it, this eliminates the growth of mould and stops it adding extra moisture. Then you need to vacuum the room make sure to get in all the corners. Lastly you need to disinfect the whole room to help prevent disease.

When building an indoor grow room for Cannabis you will want to cover the walls. You should line the walls with either milar which is a flat metallic reflective sheet, or you can use viscline plastic with the white side showing. Never use tinfoil or mirrors, as both of these cause hot spots. Make sure to cover all the walls completely.

Providing the correct lighting is very important when building an indoor grow room for Cannabis. There are a few different lights you can choose from; a metal halide, a compact fluorescent lamp, a high pressure sodium lamp or the latest addition, LED lights. Your lighting will have to accommodate your space for instance if you have a small space try using a 400 watt high pressure sodium light for flowering and if you have a pretty good size space try going with a 1,000 watt high pressure sodium light. Remember that the 1,000 watt is going to give off a lot more heat so make sure the room is properly ventilated to control rising temperatures.

Below you will find some points to ponder about the temperature and the humidity in the room at various stages in the plants life-cycle. The ideal temperature for indoor growth is in between 72 and 76 degrees continuously. Ultimately you would like the humidity at approximately 50 percent throughout the flowering stage and 60 – 65 % throughout the vegetative stage.

Among the many problems you could possibly come across having an indoor gardening setup is aroma control; an effective exhaust fan connected to your carbon filter functions the very best as well as being a good way to maintain the odor at a minimum. You should use an ozone generator to manage the oxygen and expel all of the odor prior to it being expelled. Charcoal filters work perfect for smell removal.

Additionally it is a possibility to purchase strains that do not possess an over-powering, strong odor. The majority of the lemon and citrus variations can be very simply masked while in full bloom with a few simple citrus air fresheners to reinforce the aroma of lemon. Take into consideration buying low odor Cannabis seeds if smell is an issue.

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 Building An Indoor Grow Room

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