Buying Cannabis Seeds In Canada 2017

Cannabis Seeds Canada

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada

Buying Cannabis Seeds 2017

Buying Cannabis seeds in Canada has never been easier than it is now. 2017 will see the legalized, recreational use for approximately 20% of the American population, and thoughts are that Canada will soon follow in the legalization of recreational Cannabis and Marijuana. Whether you enjoy Cannabis for its medicinal properties, or its recreational effects, one of the best and safest ways to buy Cannabis seeds in Canada is online.

Buying Cannabis seeds online gives you the assurance of dealing with a reputable company with high quality genetics and a reputation to uphold. Through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana, we can offer you the very best choice of seeds in a variety of formats. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, feminized, Regular or Autoflowering seeds that you are looking for, we have the most popular strains, with the very best genetics.

Over the last few years, I Love Growing Marijuana have focused their attention on providing the very best seeds with the highest quality service. There are many Cannabis seed producers and suppliers, but through them all, they have excelled to become one of the worlds leading suppliers of high quality Cannabis seeds, with high quality strains and a commitment to provide the best customer support and aftercare service possible.

 Before you buy Cannabis seeds online in Canada consider a few points;

  1. Does the company you are dealing with have a solid and trusted reputation?
  2. Do they guarantee delivery and replace purchases free of charge?
  3. Do they charge extra for stealth packaging and assured delivery?
  4. Are the Cannabis seeds guaranteed to germinate?

The four points above represent the reasons why I Love Growing Marijuana have excelled and become one of the biggest suppliers of Cannabis seeds on the internet. While several companies offer some of the points above, very few offer them all.

Buying Cannabis seeds online will always require a degree of trust, as does all online purchases. Dealing with a registered company with secure 128 bit encryption technology affords you the peace of mind of a secure transaction, and unlike some Cannabis seed distributors, I Love Growing Marijuana are able to accept credit card payments, money transfers, cash and bitcoin deposits.

One of the biggest fears that people buying online have is that they will order and pay for their seeds, but they will fail to arrive. This can be due to a number of reasons; They may be intercepted and confiscated by the Canadian Customs and Border officers. It’s possible they were lost in transit, misplaced or even stolen. For whatever reason, if you fail to receive your seeds, you want the assurance of guaranteed delivery and free replacements dispatched as soon as possible. I Love Growing Marijuana 100% guarantee delivery and with their first-class customer support service, any problems such as a lost or intercepted purchase will be replaced totally free of charge.

Some Cannabis seed suppliers charge extra for secure packaging and guaranteed delivery. All internet purchases have to be sent out to the customer, regardless of the item, so why should you be treated any differently if your Cannabis seeds don’t arrive? All Cannabis seeds sent out by I Love Growing Marijuana are ‘stealth’ packaged in such a way as to disguise the true contents, and cost of postage and packaging is included in the price, no added extra costs, and should your purchase fail to arrive, a replacement order will be dispatched using a slightly different method, totally free of charge.

The last point to consider is guaranteed germination. The growing forums often have complaints from people that they purchased sub-standard seeds that failed to germinate. Unfortunately, many of the online Cannabis seed suppliers print a disclaimer on their sites and with their seeds explaining that they are sold as souvenirs only. Although it’s fairly obvious people buying Cannabis seeds online wish to plant and grow them, almost all suppliers claim their seeds are not sold for germination, with most providing no help or advice to germinate and grow their seeds, or replacements should the seeds fail to germinate.

I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the few Marijuana and Cannabis seed producers who guarantee germination of their seeds. Produced under laboratory conditions in Amsterdam,Holland, their seeds are hand-selected and packed to ensure only the freshest, highest quality seeds are sold to their customers. A complete germination guide is provided, as well as access to the Growing Marijuana Guide by Robert Bergman, founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, packed full of methods and techniques designed to help you get the best quality and yield from your purchase. If, after following the advice and methods prescribed, your seeds still fail to germinate, replacements will be dispatched to compensate for your losses under their germination guarantee. Not many Cannabis seed companies offer that assurance!

Best Cannabis Seed Offers 2017

Right now I Love Growing Marijuana are offering some fantastic savings on a range of their seeds and products. Enjoy double seeds on all 5 and 10 seed purchases of Super Skunk, White Widow and Super Silver Haze feminized seeds, or take advantage of the extra savings to be had on all of the complete set kits.

Complete Set Kits

Right now I Love Growing Marijuana have reduced the price of all of their Complete Sets. Each set contains 20 feminized seeds, except for the Beginner Kit which contains 20 feminized Autoflowering seeds, as well as a complete set of Plant Protectors and all the nutrients necessary from germination to maturity.

Plant Protectors; A set of three proven formulas to protect your plants against the most common problems faced by both indoor and outdoor growers. 

Bug Blaster – Kills all bugs and insects that attack Cannabis plants including Spider Mite, Thrips, Aphids and White Flies. Root Protector – Introduces a friendly bacteria that live around the plants rooting system feeding off harmful bacteria that can cause Fusarium and Pythium. Mold Control – Developed to combat common Marijuana diseases such as Botrytis, Leaf Septori and Powdery Mildew.

Flower Power Fertilizers – 5 different formulas designed to maximize your plants health, yield and quality, perfect for soil and hydroponic grows.

This five set pack contains separate formulas designed for each stage of the plants life; Start, Grow, Bloom, Boost and a Foliage feed. Using these specially designed formulas will have a positive effect on your final harvest, easily repaying the investment. Supplied with a complete feeding schedule for either soil or hydroponic use, simple to use and very effective.

Each of the five different Complete Sets offers different seeds, for beginners there are twenty feminized autoflowering White Widow’s, while the Gold Leaf and White Widow sets contain twenty feminized seeds each. The Medical set contains twenty Cheese seeds, while the High Yield set has twenty Big Bud.

All of the seeds are covered by the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery and germination guarantee, and postage and packaging is included in the price. Find out more about these special offers by clicking below.

Complete Marijuana Grow Sets