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California Orange Feminized Seeds

Classic Cannabis strain with a mouth-watering flavor and aroma.

California Orange Feminised

California Orange is a classic Cannabis strain that can trace its heritage back to the early 1980’s. Originally created in California, it offers a blend of sweet citrus aroma’s with a mouth-watering orange flavor.

A hybrid combining both Sativa and Indica genetics, California Orange Feminized Cannabis seeds are cultivated all around the world. Enjoy the sweet orange flavor and relaxing, uplifting high these buds can produce. A must-try strain for all Cannabis growers, smokers and enthusiasts.

Originally cultivated as an outdoor Cannabis strain, with some plant-training techniques and a little experience, it can easily be grown indoors, within a purpose-built area. Or outside, protected from the cold night-time air inside a greenhouse.

A tall, Sativa-style plant, it can reach heights of up to 250 cm when cultivated naturally in a warm sunny climate. Indoor growers can use the Screen-of-Green technique to help reduce height issues. This can also generate a more even canopy and bigger, better quality harvests.

Flowering times are reminiscent of Sativa dominate strains, with the plants requiring approximately 9 weeks to completely mature. The buds are dense, coated in thick resin, with a sweet citrus, orange-fruit aroma.

The smell and flavor are temptingly delicious, filled with an orange juiciness. Instantly conjuring images of California sunshine and lines of rich Orange trees, all in heavy fruit.

Harvests are generous with the feminized plants producing between 350 – 450 grams of the highest quality buds per square meter. Outdoor harvests will depend upon conditions and length of vegetative cycle.

An easy strain to grow that requires only a basic understand of how to grow Cannabis to achieve a good, worthwhile harvest.

California Orange Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

If you’ve never tried California Orange Cannabis buds, you’ve probably tried one of its offspring. A classic, all-American strains with a long history, you’ll find its genetics used in many modern-day hybrids.

Loved by both the recreational and medicinal community alike, as well as growers and smokers, it produces repeatable, dependable results. Average THC levels of between 15% – 20% induce an uplifting, energizing high, perfect for daytime use and socializing.

Often prescribed for medicinal use, it can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as improving a person’s sense of well-being.

A highly recommended strain, easy to grow for all levels of experience.

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California Orange

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