Autoflowering Seeds

Fast and easy to grow, Autoflowering seeds offer the easiest way for both new Cannabis growers, and the more experienced alike to enjoy super-fast harvest of some of the most popular strains of Cannabis available.

OG Kush Autoflowering Seeds

OG Kush Rolex Auto

OG Kush is a powerful and potent form of Cannabis. A highly sought after strain, it can be found in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries across many states in the USA.

Now available as an autoflowering strain, these recommended OG Kush Autoflowering seeds contain all the qualities of the original, but are easier to grow and much faster to mature. Find out more…

Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Autoflowering

Pink Kush CBD Auto

 With reports showing that CBD can have a positive effect on a person’s health and well-being, many new strains have been created for the medicinal user.

If you’re considering growing your own medicinal Cannabis plants, these Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Autoflowering seeds are a perfect option. With very little knowledge or effort, even a complete beginner can produce their own successful harvest. Find out more…

Purple Kush CBD Autoflowering

Purple Kush CBD Auto

Purple Kush CBD Autoflowering seeds were created using Purple Kush and Purple Afghan CBD Auto strains. Similar to Pink Kush CBD, it has a sweet pine and earthy flavor, but lower CBD levels and an increased THC content.

If you’re looking for a relaxing strain that can help to reduce pain and improve wellness, these Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice. Find out more…

Strawberry Cheese Cake Autoflowering

Strawberry Cheese Cake Auto

Some genetic combinations work to compliment each other, these Strawberry Cheese Autoflowering seeds are one of those strains. A blend of both Sativa and Indica, the plants are easy to grow and guaranteed female. A perfect choice for growing outdoors in Canada and across the USA.

A beautiful looking and easy plant to grow, Strawberry Cheese has a slight Indica dominance, displayed by its thick coating of resin. The buds have a fruity berry and cheesy aroma, slightly pungent, but delicious. Find out more…

Zkittlez Autoflowering

Zkittlez Auto

The last in our alphabet of Autoflowering seeds for sale, but by no means one to be forgotten. Zkitllez Autoflowering seeds are an automatic form of the hugely Zkittlez strain, offering the same fruity flavors and aroma’s, together with that all important high.

Zkitllez is a hugely popular Marijuana strain, loved for its sweet, fruit-flavored buds. An easy strain to grow, it requires little care or attention to produce a high-quality crop. Find out more…

Yumbolt Autoflowering

Yumbolt Autoflowering Seeds

An exciting addition to our collection, Yumbolt Autoflowering seeds. An Indica dominant strain with dense, heavy buds and potent yields. If you’re considering growing Marijuana in Canda, these are a perfect choice.

A powerful Indica dominant strain with a THC content of approximately 24%. The effects are a ‘full-blown’ relaxed body-buzz which can leave many light smokers couch-locked. A great choice for the evening, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain, while assisting restful sleep. Find out more…

White Widow x Crystal Meth Autoflowering

White Widow X Crystal Meth Autoflowering Seeds

These new White Widow x Crystal Meth Autoflowering seeds are a powerful and potent Indica dominant strain. Incorporating two, well-known and hugely popular varieties with a top-performing Ruderalis has resulting in a fast-maturing, easy-to-grow Marijuana plants with autoflowering abilities.

A powerful Marijuana strain with THC levels of between 16% 22%, quickly inducing a fast rush of instant euphoria. The buds have an earthy, skunky aroma, with a sweet herbal flavor. A perfect strain for night-time use, it relaxes the mind, easing stress, anxiety and depression. Find out more…