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Beaver Seeds

Beaver Cannabis Seeds

Beaver Seeds are an established Cannabis Seed Bank based in Canada. They offer a selection of high quality Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis seeds with fast, direct shipping, Read a full and complete Beaver Seeds review here at Cannabis Seeds Canada.

Although you may not have heard of them, Beaver Seeds are one of Canada’s established Cannabis seed companies and ship their strains across Canada, the USA and Europe. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Beaver seeds was originally formed in 2007, but it wasn’t until a total re-branding, including a complete overall of the seed genetics, catalogue and packaging, that the Seed Bank really began to take-off and word spread across the forums, chat-rooms and social media, about this great new Canadian Cannabis seed company.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

White Russian Fast Flowering

If you’re looking for fast flowering Cannabis seeds with high quality harvests of potent, tasty buds, Crop King Seeds have the perfect strains for you. Choose from a selection of fast flowering Cannabis seeds with quick, heavy harvests and potent, powerful buds.

Developed specially for indoor growers, these unique Cannabis seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants. Through selective breeding, Crop King have taken some of the fastest flowering and most stable varieties and enhanced their flowering qualities, producing feminized, fast flowering Cannabis seeds with all the taste, aroma and effects you expect.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD Marijuana Seeds

With the rise in demand for CBD, breeders have began creating and adapting Cannabis strains to produce higher levels of CBD than average, with a lower THC level in many cases. It is generally excepted that CBD seeds contain a minimum of 5% CBD, however many of the new high CBD Cannabis seeds contain much more, ranging from the considered average of between 8 – 12% through to 18 – 22%, and some strains containing a huge 26% CBD content.

For those that wish to enjoy all the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without feeling ‘high’ there are high CBD Cannabis seeds with less than a 1% THC level, while at the other end of the scale, you can buy high CBD Cannabis seeds with a THC content of up to 26%, it all depends on your own needs and preferences.