Feminized Seeds

We sell the finest feminized seeds, guaranteed to produce female-only plants. 22 of the very best quality Cannabis strains from Afghan to White Widow. select any strain to learn more.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Seeds

Feminized Seeds Super Silver Haze Seeds Super Silver Haze produces heavy yields covered in glistening THC crystals. Super Silver Haze seeds are a 90% Sativa dominant strain, with 10% Indica genetics. The plants are shorter than many other Sativa strains,…

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Seeds

Feminized Seeds Super Skunk Seeds Super Skunk is one of the most aromatic and strongest strains of Skunk Cannabis available. Super Skunk seeds were created for lovers of the pungent Skunk Cannabis aroma, sweet citrus taste and strong all-round high.…

White Widow

White Widow Seeds

Feminized Seeds White Widow Seeds White Widow is the Amsterdam¬†Coffee-shop classic. Powerful and with a long-lasting high. White Widow is a Cannabis strain originally developed in The Netherlands by a Cannabis seed-breeder called Shantibaba and is well known for its…