Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is becoming more accepted throughout the world. With Canada on the verge of legalizing the use of Medical Marijuana and 14 States in America already legalizing its use; we look at the best way to purchase Medical Marijuana Seeds and find the best top quality breeders here.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD Marijuana Seeds

With the rise in demand for CBD, breeders have began creating and adapting Cannabis strains to produce higher levels of CBD than average, with a lower THC level in many cases. It is generally excepted that CBD seeds contain a minimum of 5% CBD, however many of the new high CBD Cannabis seeds contain much more, ranging from the considered average of between 8 – 12% through to 18 – 22%, and some strains containing a huge 26% CBD content.

For those that wish to enjoy all the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without feeling ‘high’ there are high CBD Cannabis seeds with less than a 1% THC level, while at the other end of the scale, you can buy high CBD Cannabis seeds with a THC content of up to 26%, it all depends on your own needs and preferences.

CB Diesel Medical Seeds

CB Diesel Medical Marijuana Seeds The latest addition to our recommended medical marijuana seeds collection, CB Diesel, produces the highest levels of CBD at over 20%, while reducing THC levels to less than 1%. Perfect for medical users, this Sativa…

CB Dutch Treat Medical Seeds

CB Dutch Treat Seeds

CB Dutch Treat Medical Marijuana Seeds CB Dutch Treat is a feminized medical marijuana strain with the highest CBD – THC ratio available through us. A potent medicinal strain, comprising of largely Sativa dominant genetics, made from Azura and Amnesia…

CB Dream Medical Seeds

CB Dream Seeds

CB Dream Medical Marijuana Seeds CB Dream is part of our recommended medical marijuana seed collection and boasts an impressive CBD – THC ratio. Created for its calming medicinal properties, rather than a recreational high, it’s the perfect strain for…