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Classic Collection Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Discover three of the best performing classic Cannabis strains.

Classic Cannabis Seeds Mix

Seedsman’s Classic Collection Feminized pack contains three hugely popular strains. All three have stood the test of time, producing reliable, dependable results from every seed. Found everywhere from the Medical Dispensaries to the Amsterdam Coffee-shops, each strain has formed the foundations of countless new seeds and hybrids. Find out more about the Classic Feminized seeds collection.

These three Cannabis strains were some of the very first Feminized Cannabis seeds. Stable and uniform, the plants produce the highest quality buds and harvests, with repeatable results. Very easy to grow, become a ‘Master of the Classics’. Whether you cultivate your plants indoors or outside, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy mouth-watering flavors, exciting aromas and potent, powerful effects.

Save yourself money too! With up to 20% off individual seed costs, and enjoy three different varieties of Cannabis. Now available for sale online, choose between the 3-seed option, offering a Single Cannabis seed from each of the three strains. Or the 9-seed option, containing 3, top-quality seeds of each of the featured strains. All adaptable to a variety of growing methods and techniques.

All the seeds contained within the Classic Collection are completely Feminized and devoid of male genetics. Pure female plants, capable of producing the highest quality buds. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy growing Cannabis in Canada can be. With the stable and proven strains in the Classic Collection Feminized seeds.

Classic Collection Feminized Pack Contents.

Blueberry Seeds

Blueberry Feminized.

An absolute classic Cannabis strain, found all around the world and included into countless hybrids. Blueberry Cannabis seeds were first created back in the late 1970’s. A three-way cross of Afghani, Thai and a Purple Thai, it’s well-known for its intense, mouth-watering Blueberry flavor. Later feminized, it has an easy to grow nature and fruity aroma.

An Indica dominant strain, it produces squat, bushy plants with generous harvests of colorful buds. Grown outdoors over the course of a season, plants can reach up to 225 cm tall, producing 600 grams of good quality buds. A great plant for indoor growing methods, including both Sea and Screen-of-Green techniques. Good conditions can yield up to 400 grams of high-quality dried buds, per square meter.

Flowering times average between 8 – 9 weeks, producing dense, colorful buds with a generous coating of resin. A strain named for its intense Blueberry flavor, it has THC levels of approximately 19.5%, with a moderate CBD content. The effects are both physically relaxing and euphoric, with the strain often recommended for reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer Feminized.

Jack Herer Cannabis is a well-known medicinal-grade strain named after the late Cannabis campaigner and activist for the legalization of Medical Marijuana. A powerful and potent form of Cannabis, it was created back in the late 1980’s. Winner of many Cup’s and Expo’s, it has been the foundation of countless medicinal strains over the years.

Its complex genetics of Northern Lights #5 crossed with Shiva Skunk, was then crossed with a top-quality Sensi Seeds Haze, creating the Feminized seeds so popular today. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers, it requires an average of 9 weeks to fully flower and mature. The plants can reach up to 175 cm tall when completely mature, yielding between 350 – 450 grams per square meter, depending on conditions and experience.

A powerful plant with THC levels of between 18% – 23%. Jack Herer Cannabis induces a long-lasting, Sativa-style euphoria, perfect for daytime use. Easy to grow, regardless of your level of experience, the seeds produces large, medical-grade buds with a spicy, earthy flavor and aroma.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Feminized.

When it comes to classic Cannabis strains, White Widow is an absolute leader. First created in the late 1980’s, its genetics have spawned countless ‘White’ strains and hybrids. A blend of Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica, it’s easy to grow, both indoors and outside, with a short flowering time of just 8 weeks.

A strain known for its powerful effects, rather than flavor, the buds are dense, hard and coated in sparkling ‘white’ resin. THC levels of 20% generate a fast-acting, powerful high, capable of leaving even experienced, seasoned smokers ‘couch-locked’. Easy to grow, it’s a perfect strain for all levels of experience.

White Widow is a highly popular strain, loved by recreational users for its intense, powerful effects. It is also recommended for medicinal use, capable of reducing chronic pain and inflammation, such as suffered by arthritis and rheumatism patients. It can also help to reduce the sickness and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.

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The Classic Collection is now available as a Single seed packet, giving you one seed from each of the three strains. Or in the nine seed pack, providing you with three, high-quality seeds from each, while saving you even more money. All completely feminized, guaranteeing a pure female plant.

Buy the Classic Collection Feminized seed pack and enjoy direct, discreet shipping from Seedsman, one of the world’s most trusted Cannabis seed distributors.

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Find out more about the Seedsman Classic Collection Feminized seeds pack and enjoy growing some of the best Cannabis seeds in Canada.

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