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Cola Kush Fast Cannabis Seeds

Easy to grow, fast-flowering Sativa dominant hybrid.

Cola Kush Fast Marijuana Seeds

Cola Kush is one of the latest additions to our collection of Fast Cannabis seeds. A complex, Sativa-dominant hybrid, it combines Dutch, Thai and Brazilian genetics together, producing a uniform, stable plant with fast-maturing characteristics.

Completely feminized, each seed is devoid of male chromosomes, ensuring female-only plants. As with all the strains in the Fast Cannabis seeds collection, the vegetative and flowering cycles are separate, controlled by the number of light-hours the plants receive.

Through selective breeding, the flowering times have been reduced to a minimum. Germinate the seeds the usual way and allow them enough vegetative time to form an even canopy. Around four weeks is usually sufficient, depending upon conditions.

Once the plants are of sufficient size, reduce the light-hours to run a 12/12 on-off cycle. Over an average of 7 – 8 weeks your Cola Kush plants will flower, bud and fully mature, producing an abundance of top-quality buds.

With its complex, three-way heritage, the Sativa-dominant buds have a distinctive, pungent aroma. Sweet, citrus-lemon and earthy flavors mix with a slightly floral aroma, filling the air with thick, pungent smoke.

Regardless of your growing methods or level of experience, Cola Kush Fast Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice. Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide number of cultivation methods, they can be successfully grown indoors, or outside in a warm, sunny climate.

Cola Kush Fast Version Cannabis Seeds.

Cola Kush Fast Cannabis seeds can produce between 400-600 grams of hard, dense buds per square meter, given good, indoor conditions. Allow the plants sufficient vegetative time, plenty of light and fresh air to achieve the biggest and best quality harvests.

A popular choice with recreational Cannabis users, providing THC levels of up to 20%. Sativa-dominant, with an Indica element, it provides an uplifting, motivating effect. Enjoy a fast-acting, cerebral high, very sociable and perfect for daytime and early evening use.

With its 2-3% CBD content, Cola Kush can also help combat and reduce a variety of conditions and ailments. Well-known for its pain-relief qualities, it can also reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, as well as improving the appetite in chemotherapy patients.

You can buy Cola Kush Fast Cannabis seeds online in packs of 5, 10 or 25 feminized seeds. Now available from Crop King, one of the world’s leading seed banks, enjoy direct, discreet shipping to all parts of Canada.

Grow your own fast-maturing Cannabis plants and enjoy the highest quality buds for a fraction of their retail cost. Find all the help, advice and support you need to produce your own successful harvest.

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Cola Kush

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Cola Kush Fast Marijuana Seeds

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