Critical Purple Kush Feminized

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Critical Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

A tall strain incorporating three potent hybrids.

Critical Purple Kush Feminised

Critical Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds are the creative blend of three, highly popular strains. Enjoy the fruity flavor of Blueberry. The huge buds and yields of Critical and the powerful, potent high of Peyote Purple. A perfect 3-way hybrid, with huge ‘bag-appeal’.

An Indica dominate strain that’s easy to grow and adaptable to a wide number of cultivation methods and techniques. Cultivated outdoors in a warm, Mediterranean-style climate, the plants can grow very tall, reaching up to 300 cm when fully mature. The branches are long, thin and spaced-out compared to many Indica varieties.

Experienced growers are advised to cultivate their plants indoors to achieve the best quality harvests. A more controlled environment and better growing conditions with enhance the flavor, yield and potency of your buds.

Completely Feminized, all of these high-quality Critical Purple Kush Cannabis seeds are stable, guaranteed to produce the best quality female plants. Indoor growers should employ methods such as the Screen-of-Green technique to control the plant’s height. Bending, topping and pruning are also recommended, helping to improve both yield and quality.

Flowering begins once the plants receive 12 hours of continuous darkness per night. Indoor growers should set their lights to run a 12/12 on-off cycle to achieve the best results. Complete maturity requires between 60 – 65 days. Producing between 400 – 500 grams of the highest quality dried buds per square meter.

Outdoor growers in warm climates can produce between 600 – 800 grams per plant. With cooler night-time temperatures, the buds often display a deeper purple coloring when cultivated outdoors.

Despite their complex genetics, Critical Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds are easy to grow. The branches are weaker and thinner than many strains, requiring some form of support in later flowering.

Critical Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

A delicious and mouth-watering strain. Critical Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds produce buds with huge ‘bag-appeal’. Perfect for the cash-crop grower. Dense, purple colored nuggets with a tropical, fruits of the forest aroma and juicy berry flavor.

High THC levels of between 15% – 20% induce a typically Indica, physical ‘body-buzz. Highly relaxing and perfect for night-time use.

Often used to stimulate the appetite. It can also enhance restful sleep while helping to reduce chronic pain. Recommended for both its recreational and medicinal properties.

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Critical Purple Kush

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