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Since the legalization of Cannabis in October 2018, more people in Canada are growing their own weed than ever before. Current laws permit cultivating up to four plants per household, allowing growers to legally possess all they produce.

Cannabis and infused edibles can be legally purchased from any of the registered retail outlets across the country, giving all residence of legal age the opportunity to buy Cannabis buds and products. However, if you choose to grow your own weed, buying Cannabis seeds in Canada is slightly more difficult as these outlets do not stock seeds.

Canadian laws do not permit the importation of seeds from other countries. Because of this, many of the seed banks and producers will not export their seeds into Canada. Cannabis seeds must be purchased from a registered Canadian company with a trusted, proven reputation.

The strict implementation of these laws has restricted Cannabis seed banks from advertising or selling online in Canada. Two of the world’s leading seed banks remain; Crop King and Seedsman. Both trusted and respected, they both offer a wide choice of Cannabis seeds and strains, with direct shipping to all parts of Canada.

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Crop King Seeds.

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds have gone from strength-to-strength. They dominate the Canadian Cannabis seed market, as well as selling their strains around the world. Find a wide and diverse selection, from classic’s to modern hybrids, all hand-selected and of the highest quality.

Their website is secure, fast and efficient, easy to navigate and use. If you know what strains you want, they are easy to find. Separate pages divide Feminized, Autoflowering and Regular Cannabis seeds, ensuring you purchase the right seeds for your needs.

If you’re new to growing Cannabis, you’ll be amazed at the choice of high-quality seeds available. Feminized seeds are the most popular, guaranteeing a pure-female plant. Perfect for indoor cultivation techniques, producing a variety of flavors, aroma’s and effects. With over 331 different feminized Cannabis seeds for sale, there’s plenty of choice.

Looking for a fast Cannabis harvest with no loss of quality? Crop King Seeds has a selection of potent, powerful feminized seeds with super-fast flowering times. Choose from thirteen different varieties, all able to mature far quicker than traditional strains.

Autoflowering seeds have become popular with many home-growers across Canada. Fast and extremely easy to grow, they can be cultivated indoors, generating a regular supply of high-quality buds. Although originally designed for the outdoor cultivation, Indoor growers are choosing them for quick and easy harvests.

CBD has been proven to have a variety of medicinal uses, helping to reduce stress, chronic pain and inflammation. Crop King Seeds has a wide selection of CBD seeds for sale, offering varying degrees of THC and CBD. Available in tradition feminized or autoflowering versions, choose the type of seeds that best suit your experience and growing style.

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Crop King Cannabis Seeds

Seedsman Seeds.

Seedsman has sold Cannabis seeds online since 2002. A trusted and well-established seed bank, it supports the legalized use of Cannabis across the world. The website offers a wide selection of strains. With both their own, as well as those from other major producers available.

Completely secure and easy to use, the website contains a wide selection of sub-sections such as Feminized, Autoflowering, Recreational and Medical Cannabis seeds. Seed sections have also been divided further, giving direct access to a greater selection. These including mold-resistant strains, beginner seeds, Cannabis Cup winners and more.

Choice and variety are abundant at Seedsman, with Cannabis seeds for sale from a variety of world’s best seed producers. With a respected and trusted reputation, they are one of the few websites that offer these strains for sale online in Canada.

Although it can work out more expensive, this is one of the few websites that offer single Cannabis seeds for sale online in Canada. With the law permitting a maximum of four Cannabis plants to be cultivated at any one-time, it’s nice to be able to mix-and-match single seed purchases to add variety into your garden.

If you like free Cannabis seeds and promotional give-away’s, this is the site for you, with even the smallest of purchases getting a free Cannabis seed. The more you spend, the more free seeds you’ll receive. Enjoy free Cannabis seeds when you buy Cannabis seeds online.

They say Bitcoin is the internet currency of the future. Seedsman has been accepting Bitcoin as payment since 2014! You can receive a discount of up to 25% when you choose their Bitcoin payment option, as well as receiving up to four extra free Cannabis seeds.

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Seedsman Cannabis Seeds