Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering

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Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering Seeds

A fast and easy to grow strain with extremely concentrated CBD levels.

Doctor Seedsman CBD Auto

Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering seeds are designed for the medicinal user. Unlike many Cannabis strains, it hasn’t been bred to induce a potent, powerful high. In fact, the strain has very little THC. Instead it has an elevated CBD content, making it a popular and highly sought after medicinal strain.

An Autoflowering version of the popular Dr Seedsman CBD 30:1 Feminized strain. The seeds incorporate the same Eletta Campana Selezionata genetics, but have been crossed with a highly-selected Speed Bud Auto. This has enabled the plants to attain self, autoflowering characteristics, making them quicker and far easier to cultivate.

Unlike traditional Cannabis seeds that require long hours of undisturbed darkness to flower, Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering seeds grow and completely mature with age. With no need for set hours of darkness, they can be cultivated outdoors during the Summer months, achieving complete maturity approximately 90 days from germination.

Very easy to grow and cultivate to a successful harvest, they can provide a regular supply of fresh, CBD-rich buds over the Summer season. With the demand for CBD products increasing, many growers are now planting the seeds indoors. Set your lights to run a constant 18/6 on-off cycle to achieve the biggest and best quality harvests.

CBD is well known for its medicinal values. Reports have shown a direct link between CBD and the reduction of many ailments, conditions and diseases. It has proved useful in reducing epileptic seizures in sufferers, as well as reducing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

Growing your own natural CBD-rich plants couldn’t be easier than it is with these Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering seeds. Requiring little attention or previous experience, almost anyone can successfully cultivate their own crop of medical-grade Cannabis.

Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering Seeds.

If you’re looking for a Cannabis strain rich in Medical CBD, these easy-to-grow Autoflowering seeds are a perfect choice. With very little effort, cost or time, you will soon be harvesting your own high-quality buds. Enjoy all the medicinal value associated with Cannabis without the psychoactive effects or ‘high’.

With a CBD content of between 11% – 13% and low THC levels of just 0.2%, Dr Seedsman CBD Autoflowering seeds are purely for medicinal use. The effects induce a calm, relaxed state, without a euphoric ‘high’, making them a perfect choice for day-time, medicinal use.

Yields are impressive, with the plants growing to between 100 – 160 cm tall, depending on growing conditions and harvests of up to 400 grams of dried buds per square meter. A citrus flavored smoke with an spicy aroma, it can be used for making concentrates and edibles for the medical community.

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Dr Seedsman CBD

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