Grow Your Own Weed

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Growing Your Own Weed

If you enjoy smoking cannabis the chances are you have thought about growing your own weed. Although growing your own weed in Canada is illegal, if you keep your operation small, and secure, the chances are you will not get caught. If you are caught growing your own weed, and have kept your operation small, the repercussions you will face will also be very limited, perhaps a fine , community service or at worst a suspended sentence.

There are a variety of different reasons why you may be thinking about growing your own weed. Perhaps the quality of the weed you are buying is poor, damp or too leafy, or you just want to save some money by growing your own weed. Some people grow purely for themselves, while others grow for profit and sell their weed once it is ready to smoke. Without knowing a group of good growers, you’re likely to be stuck with low-quality, overpriced little bags, one of the main reasons why people start growing their own weed.

Growing your own weed isn’t difficult as long as you put enough time and effort into the tasks you need to complete to grow a successful harvest. Spending just a few hours every week can produce some fantastic results. If you’re growing your own weed, you don’t really require huge yields. A starter kit can cost as little as $180 and can provide you will all the necessary equipment for you to begin growing your own weed almost immediately.

Ways Of Growing Your Own Weed

If you’re growing your own weed for private use, growing cannabis plants doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby to begin. The cheapest way of growing your own weed is to grow outdoors, because all the things your plants will need to grow are basically free. The sun rises every day, the plants get water from rain, and the soil is full of nutrients. In reality, to grow outdoors, all you have to do is buy some good quality cannabis seeds. Of course, buying pots and growing your plants in fertilized, nutrient-rich soil could improve your results and yield a greater amount of more potent cannabis buds.

Growing your own weed indoors can range from an inexpensive small set-up, through to a professional level grow room allowing complete control of the growing environment. CFL lights can provide you with an adequate yield without any spikes in your electric bill. A grow room with only a few plants doesn’t require a carbon filter to reduce the smell during their vegetative period, but one may be required as they mature. You can begin growing your own weed with just a few good quality seeds, some soil or other potting medium, pots, CFL lights, and a small fan, all of which can be bought cheaply online or at your local grow shop. Professional grow rooms that produce higher yields generally only cost a few hundred dollars to set-up, but will generate higher running costs, such as electricity and nutrient supplies.

If you have decided to begin growing your own weed, buying weed seeds of the best quality will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Growing your own weed with quality seeds takes away many problems faced by the new weed grower, such as will the weed plants be female, how long will they take to flower, what the finish product will taste like and how strong will it be.

You can select from all the finest seeds, from the best seed banks and producers below. The Original Sensible Seeds Company has over 20 years experience of supplying the very best weed seeds to Canada. Enjoy the lowest prices, greatest choice and more free cannabis seeds than anywhere else when you buy your seeds online.

Growing Your Own Weed With Quality Seeds.

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