High THC Collection Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds

High THC Collection Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Three of the most potent and powerful Cannabis strains.

High THC Cannabis Seeds Mix

If you like your Cannabis super-strong, this is the collection for you. Three of the most potent and powerful Cannabis strains, brought together into one mixed-seed packet. All three of the strains are best-sellers, proving incredibly popular with growers and smokers around the world. Enjoy soaring high’s and long-lasting effects from the High THC Collection Feminized Cannabis seeds.

All three of the selected strains are hybrids, created by crossing two popular varieties. Completely feminized, every seed is guaranteed to produce the finest female Cannabis plant, capable of generating successful harvests and an abundance of flavor-filled buds. Enjoy a variety of flavors and aroma’s, all with elevated levels of THC. Whether you grow inside or outdoors during the Summer seasons, these three high-quality strains will produce some of the strongest buds possible.

Choose between the 3-seed packet, offering you a single Cannabis seed from each of the three strains. Or the 9-seed packet, containing three seeds from each variety. Save yourself money compared to individual seed purchases and add some variety into your garden this coming season. The High THC Collection Feminized Cannabis seeds is now available for sale online.

High THC Collection Feminized Pack Contents.

Gelat OG Feminised

Gelat.OG Feminized.

The Gelat.OG Feminized strain combines together two West Coast favorites. OG Kush, an ‘old-school’ classic, with Gelato, a mouth-watering strain with large, dense buds and a creamy flavor. The combination is a match made in heaven! Heavy yields, fast-flowering times and powerful THC levels, made even more potent by the strains low CBD content.

This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques. The plants grow to a mature height of between 90 -120 cm indoors. Perfect for Screen-of-Green growing methods. Cultivated outdoors over the course of a season, the plants can reach up to 220 cm when fully mature. A bushy Cannabis variety, with close, strong branches and multiple budding sites.

Flowering times average between 8 – 9 weeks, generating high quality yields of between 500 – 600 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors, Gelat.OG Feminized Cannabis plants can produce 500 -600 gram per-plant harvests, given good conditions. Powerful THC levels of up to 25% generate a happy, euphoric high, very relaxing and perfect for night-time use.

Peyote Gorilla Feminised

Peyote Gorilla Feminized.

Peyote Gorilla is a complex Cannabis hybrid containing a variety of top-performing strains. A mix of Gorilla Glue #4 and Peyote Purple, its ancestors include; Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel, Peyote Purple and Bubba Kush, themselves all potent and powerful hybrid strains. Surprisingly easy to grow, the plants generate extremely heavy yields, especially when cultivated outdoors under good conditions.

Flowering times average approximately 70 days for this Indica dominant variety. However, its size only reaches around 160 cm. Indoor growers will love the plants bushy structure, making a thick, dense canopy of budding sites. Yields average between 450 – 600 grams of top-quality buds per square meter. While outdoor growers, planting in Spring and harvesting in late September can produce up to 1,500 grams per plant under good conditions.

A potent strain, Peyote Gorilla produces a THC content of between 22% – 26%. The effects are fast-acting, inducing a relaxed sensation, leaving you feeling happy, euphoric and uplifted. Its 1% CBD content adds a medicinal value to the buds, helping to reduce fatigue, chronic pain, stress and insomnia. A great strain to grow, producing huge outdoor harvests.

Peyote WIFI Feminised

Peyote Wi-Fi Feminized.

A blend of Peyote and Wi-Fi, (The White x Fire OG), these Peyote Wi-Fi Feminized Cannabis seeds generate mouth-watering buds with a citrus lemon and lime flavor, mixed with a diesel fuel aroma. A crisp, sour taste, it leaves you wanted more! An Indica dominate stain, it requires 75 days in flower to fully mature, but can produce between 500 – 650 grams per square meter indoors. Or up to 1,500 grams outdoors, but growers in Canada may wish to use a greenhouse for optimum results.

Easy to grow, the close branches form squat, bushy plants, an ideal choice for indoor growing techniques and perfect for fast, Sea-of-Green cultivation methods. The buds are large and dense, coated in resin with a pungent aroma as maturity approaches. Indoor growers are advised to use air filtration methods to combat the buds strong smell.

A strain that oozes ‘bag-appeal’! The buds are coated in resin and glisten, adding to it pungent aroma and colorful appearance. High THC levels of between 20% – 26% induce a powerful, physical ‘body-buzz’ effect, deeply relaxing and almost narcotic. A perfect strain for ending the day, leaving you relaxed, contented and ready for bed. A strain often used for making edibles, concentrates and extracts, due to its high resin production.

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Now available in either Single or 3-seed packet, enjoy these three great strains in one great pack. Save money compared to single strain purchases and enjoy a variety of flavors and aromas, all with extremely high THC levels. Pure female plants, guaranteeing you the very best harvests.

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High THC Collection

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High THC Cannabis Seeds Mix

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