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Although it’s possible to grow certain strains of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds outdoors in Canada, the short Summer months and fast onset of Winter makes it very challenging. For the majority of growers, especially commercial ones, the best plants, biggest harvests and highest quality buds are cultivated indoors, within purpose-built rooms or areas.

Choosing the right Indoor Cannabis seeds is paramount in producing a successful harvest, however, before you consider buying Cannabis seeds online, or from a storefront premises, you will need to construct a growing area, or purchase a purpose-built tent, select the appropriate lighting, install an air extraction and replacement system and ensure it’s light proof for future flowering.

If you wish to have separate vegetative and flowering areas, you’ll need two tents or rooms and twice the equipment. Alternatively, you can use a single area, and switch between growing and flowering cycles when necessary. With the right equipment, nutrients and care, growing indoor Cannabis seeds can be easy, fast and fun. Find out more about setting up your own growing area.

Grow Tent Set-Up For Indoor Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the Right Indoor Cannabis Seeds.

Once you’ve got your growing area in-place and ready, it’s time to consider selecting the best Indoor Cannabis seeds for your needs. People’s opinions vary about which strains taste the best, produce the most buds, or are the most potent. Likewise, choosing the best Indoor Cannabis seeds also depends on many different variables.

Some of the most important points to consider when choosing Indoor Cannabis seeds for your needs are;

Your ExperienceWhile Cannabis seeds aren’t too difficult to germinate and sprout, certain strains are easier to grow than others. If you’re relatively new to growing Cannabis indoors, choose strains that are easy and guaranteed to produce good results whatever your level of experience.

Feminized or AutofloweringBoth types of Cannabis seeds produce pure female plants, but Autoflowering strains are far easier to grow. Indoor growers should set their lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle for the the entire life-cycle of their plants. Feminized seeds require 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night to begin and complete their flowering cycle.

Growing TechniqueGrowing Cannabis indoors incorporates many different techniques and growing methods, including soil-based and a wide variety of hydroponic set-ups. Both the Sea-of-Green (SOG) and Screen-of-Green (Scrog) systems are popular for maximizing yields, choose Indoor Cannabis seeds and strains that work well for your chosen technique.

Natural ResilienceA plant’s ability to cope with higher humidity can be crucial to producing a high-quality harvest. There is nothing worse than inspection your buds and seeing mold and bud-rot appearing. If you haven’t installed humidity and temperature controls, select strains that can cope with humid conditions, with a natural resilience to bud-rot and mold.

Flavor, Aroma and HighWith a wide choice of super-tasty strains to choose from find the one’s that you enjoy the most. Sativa dominant strains produce a creative, euphoric high, perfect for day-time use. While Indica dominant strains usually relax the body and are better suited to night-time use.

Medicinal or RecreationalWith the rise in popularity of CBD as a natural medicine, many growers are producing their own medical Cannabis from CBD-rich Indoor Cannabis seeds. Lower in THC and with increased levels of CBD, they offer all the medicinal benefits without the strong high associated with recreational strains.

Buying Indoor Cannabis Seeds Online

With the relaxation and changes in the laws governing the cultivation and possession of Marijuana and Cannabis, buying Cannabis seeds online in Canada isn’t illegal. However, the importation of seeds into the country is, and can carry heavy fines and penalties. Because of these laws, only Cannabis seeds produced in Canada can legally be purchased or dispatched.

Luckily, Crop King Seeds are already well-established, and a trusted Seed Bank, offering their seeds and strains to customers around the world. We highly recommend using Crop King for all your future seed purchases. Supplying a wide and varied selection of super high-quality strains, they have a vast choice of seeds including feminized, autoflowering, and medicinal strains to suit all growing techniques, experience and personal preferences.

Buying Indoor Cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier or more secure with a selection of payment options to suit all requirements. Enjoy the very best customer care with online chat facilities and a fast response to all email inquiries, answering any issues or concerns you may have regarding your plants, from purchase through to harvest.

Find out more about some of the most popular and new exciting Indoor Cannabis seeds on offer.

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