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Since the legalization of Cannabis and Marijuana in October 2018, more and more people across Canada are choosing to grow their own plants and buds. Current laws permit adult residence the right to grow up to four plants per household and the right to possess all they harvest securely within the home. Public use is prohibited, with outdoor possession limited to 30 grams.

The law changes four years ago, has led to an explosion in ‘home-grown’ Marijuana across Canada. The majority of people choose to cultivate their plants indoors. Although it’s possible to grow Marijuana outdoors in Canada, greater environmental controls and the ability to grow all year long, make growing Marijuana indoors the better option.

Equipment can be expensive, but investment into lighting and air-flow is vital for success. Some people purchase separate bulbs for the vegetative and flowering cycles, while others choose a more general, all-round bulb. The greater the number of watts, the bigger the potential harvest. On average Marijuana plants will return approximately 0.5 grams per watt of light.

Air-flow is vital within an indoor growing room. Not only to replenish depleted C02 levels, but also to control the temperature. Higher watt bulbs can potentially produce a greater weight of buds, but it also produces more heat. Simply fans can move the air around, but both intake and extraction is necessary to produce good quality harvests.

Once you’ve constructed your indoor growing area and fitted the necessary equipment, you can begin growing your own Cannabis and Marijuana buds. Selecting the right seeds for your needs is a vital part of a successful harvest. If you’re just beginning, choose easy to grow strains. They require less experience and attention to produce a good quality harvest.

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Finding The Right Indoor Marijuana Seeds.

There is a wide and varied selection of indoor Marijuana seeds for sale, you may already know which strains you prefer. Almost all of the most popular varieties contain elements of both Sativa and Indica, the two types of the plant.

Sativa dominant strains grow tall, with long branches and thin bladed leaves. The effects are uplifting and cerebral, perfect for daytime use. Indica dominant strains are generally smaller, with close, strong branches and a squat, bushy shape. The buds tend to be hard and dense, producing a relaxed, ‘body-buzz’ sensation, great for night-time use and natural pain relief.

Originally these two Marijuana varieties grew separately, in different parts of the world. There are several ‘pure-breed’ Marijuana seeds for sale, but the majority of modern, popular strains contain varying levels of both. These hybrid strains are often more powerful than traditional, natural strains, with elevated THC levels producing stronger effects.

For many, the flavor is very important. Nobody wants a harsh smoke that leaves you coughing with a bad taste in your mouth. Marijuana strains vary widely in flavor and aroma. Some subtle, others extremely pungent or flavor-filled. While some people enjoy a fruity flavor, others prefer a more earthy, natural taste. Try a selection of seeds and strains to discover your personal favorite.

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Growing Indoors? Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Unlike many plant species, Marijuana is either male or female and the plant cannot reproduce without both. Male plants produce pollen, releasing it from sacks to fertilize the females. Female plants produce the flowers and buds loved by smokers, or seeds if pollinated by a male.

With Canadian law permitting up to four plants per household, it’s important to ensure all your plants are female, capable of generating high-quality buds and a successful harvest. Feminized Marijuana seeds contain no male chromosomes, guaranteeing a pure female plant. All of the most popular Marijuana seeds for sale are feminized.

Feminized Marijuana seeds have two distinct stages. While the plants receive more than twelve of daylight, they will remain in a vegetative state, producing new leaves and branches. As the darkness hours increase to twelve or more, the plants will begin to flower, requiring a further 8 – 10 weeks to ripen and fully mature.

The vegetative stage can be as long, or as short as required. Growing techniques such as the Sea-of-Green method minimize the vegetative period. While the Screen-of-Green technique requires a much longer growing period, but can return greater per-plant yields.

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