Lemonchello Haze Feminized

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Lemonchello Haze Feminized Seeds

A tall Sativa, producing heavy yields of lemon-flavored buds.

Lemonchello Haze Feminised

Created by Seedsman, these Lemonchello Haze Feminized Cannabis seeds pay homage to their Italian heritage. A sweet-tasting strain with a flavor similar to the well-known Italian drink. Enjoy a delicious, smooth smoke with a spicy Haze aroma.

A blend of Super Lemon Haze and Amnesia, the team took over 18 months searching for the best-performing, highest-quality genetics. The chosen Lemon Haze strain originated from a Cannabis breeder in Sicily. Adding the Italian connection through the mother-plant.

Bred with a top-quality UK Cheese, the plants are stable and completely feminized. Devoid of all male chromosomes, every plant is guaranteed to produce a stable and vibrant female Cannabis plant.

A Sativa dominant strain, Lemonchello Haze Feminized seeds produce tall plants that can reach up to 300 cm when cultivated under ideal conditions. Adaptable and versatile, it can be cultivated indoors, within a purpose-built growing area. Or outdoors in warm, Mediterranean-style climates.

Cannabis growers in Canada are advised to cultivate their plants indoors, or inside a greenhouse to produce the biggest and best harvests. The fast onset of Winter, together with the cold, damp night air, can cause mold and bud-rot in the later stages of flowering.

A moderately easy Sativa dominant strain to grow. It requires a small amount of vegetative growth before being sent to flower. Cultivated indoors, height issues can be avoided with the use of advanced growing techniques such as super-cropping, topping and bending. With the Screen-of-Green method producing the biggest, best quality harvests.

Flowering times average approximately 65 days. Short for a Sativa Haze strain. Producing heavy yields of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoor growers in warm climates can produce up to 800 grams of buds per-plant.

Lemonchello Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

A sweet-tasting strain, Lemonchello Haze Feminized Cannabis seeds produce buds with a citrus-lemon flavor and spicy aroma. With a small amount of knowledge, a little care and attention, growers of all levels of experience can produce a potent, flavor-filled harvest.

Haze genetics and a THC content of 15% – 20% induce a cerebral, euphoric high. Very uplifting and perfect for daytime use.

Discover one of the tastiest Haze strains available with these Lemonchello Haze Feminized seeds. Bred by growers, for growers.

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Lemonchello Haze

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