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Cannabis Seeds Canada

When it comes to finding the best Marijuana seeds Canada has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide and varied selection of strains, from popular modern hybrids, through to  classic varieties, all of the highest quality.

Through our links with Seedsman, one of the longest established online Cannabis and Marijuana seed banks, we are pleased to offer all our readers the opportunity to buy Marijuana seeds in Canada online and enjoy direct shipping, top-quality genetics, promotional discounts and free seed give-away’s.

With large collections of both medical and recreational Marijuana seeds for sale, you’ll find strains for all tastes, needs and preferences. From new and beginner growers, to larger scale ‘cash-crops’. Discover potent strains, powerful medicinal buds and a wealth of mouth-watering flavors and aromas.

Autoflower Seeds

Great for both indoor and outdoor, novice or expert. Produce good yields of high quality Marijuana buds in record time, regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive.

Plant these little beauties outdoors in the Spring and watch them grow. One of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your own Marijuana in Canada.

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Alaskan Purple Feminised

Alaskan Purple

BIG Auto

Big Auto

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack

Larry Lemon OG Auto

Larry Lemon OG

Zkittlez Auto


Feminized Seeds

Choose from a wide selection of feminized Marijuana seeds. Guaranteed to produce stable, uniform, pure female plants. Discover a wealth of flavors, aromas and effects.

From the pungently aromatic Badazz Cheese, to the hard-hitting Bruce Banger, this collection of premium feminized Marijuana seeds offers something for everyone, both indoor and outside.

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Afghan Kush Feminised

Afghan Kush

Badazz Cookies OG Feminised

Badazz Cookies OG

Bruce Banger Feminised

Bruce Banger

Gelat OG Feminised

Gelat OG

White OG

Medical CBD Seeds

Discover a wide selection of CBD Medical Marijuana seeds, providing a natural way to relieve pain, insomnia, arthritis, cramps, headaches and many other ailments.

All our recommended medicinal strains offer high levels of CBD and a lower THC content, providing the very best therapeutic benefits when you need it most.

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Doctor Seedsman CBD

Dr Seedsman CBD

Cookies Chill CBD Feminised

Cookies Chill CBD

Cream & Cheese CBD Feminised

Cream Cheese CBD

Pink Kush CBD Auto

Pink Kush CBD

Peyote Wifi CBD Feminised

CBG #1

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada Online.

On October 17, 2018, Canada created a strict legal framework to control the possession, cultivation and sale of Cannabis and Marijuana. The aims of the Cannabis Act were to prevent under-age use. Remove profits from criminal groups and protect the health and safety of the Canadian public by allowing access to legal, regulated Cannabis and Marijuana products.

Households are permitted to cultivate up to four Marijuana plants for personal use, using either indoor or outdoor growing methods. Possession outside of the home is limited to 30 grams, while the same amount can be shared or gifted to other adults.

With a clear, defined legal framework in place, many people across Canada now grow their own high-quality marijuana buds for personal use. Indoor cultivation usually produces the best quality harvests, due to greater climate and environmental control.

Many of the popular, modern-day hybrids have been created especially for indoor growing methods and techniques. With such a wide and diverse collection, you’ll find the highest quality Marijuana seeds for sale, perfect for all levels of experience.

Buy Cannabis and Marijuana seeds in Canada online from the very best, most established seed banks. Cultivate your own potent, powerful buds with enticing aromas and mouth-watering flavors.

Enjoy soaring Sativa high’s and pain-reducing Indica varieties. Choose from a wide selection of recreational and medicinal varieties, perfect for day or night-time use.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Canada

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada from the worlds most trusted Seed banks.