Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Canada

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Canada

As of 17th October 2018, the use of recreational Marijuana and Cannabis was no longer considered a crime in Canada, following the passing of the Cannabis Act Bill C-45 on 18th of June the same year. All Canadian residents are now legally able to buy, possess and enjoy Marijuana for recreational purposes, with a limited number of outlets offering a select menu.

Many Canadians have chosen to take advantage of these law changes by producing their own buds, sourced from Marijuana seeds for sale online. For many, the limited availability, choice and cost of buying Cannabis and Marijuana from the few, select legal storefront operations makes growing their own Marijuana in Canada a fair better option.

For many however, finding Marijuana seeds for sale is just as difficult as ever, with a few limited stores, offering a select few strains and with the internet just the touch of a button away, most growers buy Marijuana seeds online from a reputable supplier.

With the changes in the law permitting households to cultivate, possess and use these plants for recreational purposes, there was an increased interest in growing Cannabis and Marijuana in Canada and the purchase of seeds online. This lead to the Canadian government banning the importation of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, bringing it inline with other food and agricultural products.

With heavy fines, penalties and possible incarceration, all non-Canadian companies were subsequently banned from exporting Marijuana or Cannabis seeds into Canada, and only seeds produced by companies based in Canada were able to sell Marijuana seeds online, or those registered and breeding within one of its Provinces.

Although several Canadian companies have now become established and are able to offer Marijuana seeds for sale online, few are building a good reputation. The key to building a successful business is to look after the customer, gaining their repeat business, and this is especially true if you’re offering Cannabis and Marijuana seeds for sale.

Word travels fast around the forums of the Marijuana community, social media, Instagram and many local, national and international forums are constantly updated with both happy and unhappy growers alike. Reputations are grown slowly, but destroyed in no-time by impressed or grieved growers and if a company is selling useless seeds online, a few moments searching will soon expose them.

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Crop King Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

By far Crop King’s largest selection of Marijuana seeds for sale, containing some of the most current and popular strains available. Offering everything from popular ‘Old-School’ classics to some of the tastiest and most exciting hybrids, these are the perfect choice for growing indoors within a purpose-built area.

Feminized seeds produce pure-female plants, devoid of all male chromosomes. Buying feminized Marijuana seeds ensures that each of the seeds you germinate will become a pure female plant, capable of producing an abundance of high-quality buds, depending upon conditions.

Plants grow best when given 18 hours of light per day when in vegetative growth, and 12 hours per day to induce and complete the flowering cycle. Yields are dependent upon conditions, with light intensity and spectrum, air quality and CO2 volume, water Ph and nutrients all combining to determine the final yield, size and quality you obtain from your plants.

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Crop King Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

With a wide choice of Autoflowering Marijuana seeds for sale, choose from a selection of established and popular strains, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing methods. By combining both the vegetative and flowering cycles, these pure female seeds grow and bud almost most sprouting. Complete maturity requires between 8 – 10 weeks, depending upon the strain and conditions.

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are some of the fastest and easiest strains to grow. Completely feminized, they incorporate the Ruderalis gene into popular, top-selling strains, making them self-flowering with the ability to form buds under any number of light hours, faster to mature and far easier to grow. Perfect for beginners and for growing outdoors during the short Canadian summers.

Harvests are smaller than traditional feminized seeds, with average yields between 4 – 6 oz per square meter. The plants should be given plenty of fresh air, space and water, with 18 hours of light required per day to achieve the best quality and yields. One of the major advantages with growing Autoflowering seeds indoors is because they require 18 hours of light per day from seedling to complete mature, all the plants, in their various stages, can be cultivated together in the same room, eliminating the need for separate vegetative and flowering areas.

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Crop King Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

While many growers wish to grow purely female plants to maximize their yields and avoid any unwanted male plants and possible pollination, some growers actively seek high quality male plants to assist them in their own breeding programs. Male Marijuana plants produce pollen, which fertilizes the female flowers and buds, producing seeds.

In order to breed your own seeds it’s essential to have a high quality male plant, ensuring top-quality genetics to add to your chosen female. Flower the two plants simultaneously and you’re assured of creating an abundance of seeds. These Marijuana seeds for sale produce a mix of both male and female plants, and should be separated at flowering if you wish to avoid pollination.

With a wide and varied selection of Regular Marijuana seeds for sale, Crop King Seeds provides an abundance of strains, suitable to create an endless number of your own unique seeds. Regular Marijuana seeds also make far better clone mother-plants, producing shoots with the ability to root faster and stronger than clones generated from feminized plants.

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Crop King CBD Marijuana Seeds

CBD Marijuana Seeds

CBD is one of the many compounds found within the Cannabis and Marijuana plant, but unlike THC, it isn’t psychoactive and instead has been proven to have a selection of medical benefits. Tests and trials around the world have shown CBD can reduce epilepsy, ADHD, PTSD, fatigue, arthritis and chronic pain, as well as many other illnesses, ailments and conditions.

CBD Oil is a common form of extract, but it often contains lower levels and is almost always devoid of THC. If you’re looking for Marijuana seeds for sale with a range of medicinal benefits, check out Crop King’s selection of CBD seeds. Offering a selection of strains in both Autoflowering and traditionally feminized formats, choose from almost pure CBD strains, or those that offer an equal balance of both THC and CBD, perfect for those people looking looking for a gentle, balanced, but medicinal high

With a choice of CBD Marijuana seeds for sale, select indoor, outdoor, feminized or autoflowering strains that suit your needs best,With many offering identical traits, characteristics, smells and aroma to traditional, recreational strains, the only difference is the medicinal benefits they provide.

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Genuine Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Canada

We recommend Crop King Seeds when you’re looking for genuine, high quality Marijuana seeds for sale. Established in 2005, they have spent 15 years becoming a trusted seed bank, establishing a customer base and large repeat order customer base.

Known throughout Canada and the world as a producer and supplier of high quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds for sale, it’s Canada’s leading seed-bank.Catering for all tastes, experience and growing techniques, Crop King Seeds have developed a select number of Marijuana strains in a variety of different formats.

All of the seeds produce plants of the highest quality, with similar traits, characteristics and effects. Whether you’re new to growing Marijuana, a veteran ‘Black Market’ grower, indoor, outdoor, recreational or medicinal grower, the wide selection of seeds and strains available will satisfy all tastes and needs.

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