Mazari Autoflowering Seeds

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Mazari Autoflowering Seeds

Fast-flowering and quick to mature with impressive harvests of sweet-tasting buds.

Mazari Auto

Growing Cannabis outdoors in Canada can be challenging. The short Summer months and fast onset of Winter make growing traditional seeds almost impossible. While many experienced growers cultivate their plants indoors, beginners often start by growing outside. This is when strain selection is vital in producing a good, worthwhile harvest.

Traditional Cannabis plants have separate growing and flowering cycles. While the plants receive 12 hours or more daily sunlight, they will grow and develop. Once the daylight hours reduce below 12, the plants change their chemistry and begin to flower.

Unfortunately, with the reduction in daylight hours, the night-time temperatures in Canada soon become too cold for Cannabis plants to flower to their full potential. Plants flowering in cold, damp night-time air often develop mold and bud-rot issues. These conditions make growing Cannabis outdoors in Canada difficult for many strains.

These Mazari Autoflowering seeds can provide a solution. A fast-flowering and easy to grow strain, they combine both vegetative and flowering stages together. This reduces the overall time from germination to harvest between 65- 75 days on average.

With no regard for the number of daylight or darkness hours the plants receive to completely mature, Mazari Autoflowering seeds can be planted outdoors from the Spring. Regular planting over the coming months will return harvests of fresh, potent buds after just 10 weeks from germination.

With no set vegetative period, the plants are smaller and more compact than traditional Cannabis seeds. However, devoid of male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant.

Regardless of your experience, growing Mazari Autoflowering seeds can be fun, fast and easy. Take advantage the free Canadian sunshine this coming season and grow your own high-quality, potent crop of Mazari Cannabis buds.

Mazari Autoflower Seeds.

Created from crossing the original Mazari feminized strain with a high-quality Ruderalis, these new Mazari Autoflowering seeds produce buds similar to the original strain. Faster to mature and easier to grow, they can be successfully cultivated indoors or outside over the growing season.

The plants are small, squat and dense, often reaching no more than 60 – 90 cm when fully mature. Harvest times are fast, with the best yields being achieved when the plants receive as many hours of strong, direct sunlight as possible. Indoor growers are advised to set their lights to a 20/4 on-off cycle to achieve the biggest, best quality harvests.

An Indica dominate strain, it produces large, dense buds with a generous coating of THC, making the trim perfect for edibles, concentrates and extracts. The buds have an identical flavor to the original strain, with a sweet citrus taste and subtle fruity aroma.

THC levels of approximately 16% quickly induce a deeply relaxing state, with a 0.5% CBD content to produce a balance effect. Perfect for night-time use, it can help to reduce chronic pain and aid restful sleep. Often used to combat insomnia.

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