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Cream of the Crop Seeds are proud of building some of the top quality superbly stinky slight mixtures of nature utilizing their own unique characteristics and flavors by leveraging the superior quality Genetics ancestry as well as connecting these strains to supply good terrific ideas on well-known mutations. Cream of the Crop Seeds can offer established selections, fruity strains, vibrant and fast Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. You possibly have a preference for sweet pot, a bit more of kushy, chilly and grimy diesel or maybe a elevated Sativa trippy high — Cream of the Crop Seeds is an effective spot, to fulfill all specifications and tendencies.

Narcotherapy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Seed Breeder : Cream of the Crop Seeds
Genetic Origin : White Widow X White Widow X Afghan Kush X Ruderalis
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time: 60 days from seed to flower
Yield : High Yield  – 550 g/m2 – 900 g/m2
Height : Average
THC / CBD / CBN : 20% THC

Additional Info : Narcotic Kush cross Double Cream results in a high grade medicinal marijuana strain

Narcotherapy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds is a terrific way of management deriving from China which utilizes medicines like an instrument for debilitating the human body and causing a circumstance of respite or leisure. And also the Narcotherapy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are simply the beauties that are making this dream a reality. The blending of Narcotic Kush and Double Cream helps to ensure that this Indica Dominant hybrid not just offers unbelievable medical rewards but tends to achieve this in swift acting, elevated time generating autoflowering cannabis seeds that appear to thrive right in front of one’s very own face.

Exceptional THC rates of 20% in combination with a CBD record of 1.4% has allowed these modest beauties to provide a Medical Cannabis of unbelievable superiority but can also still generate amounts as high as an astounding 900 g/m2. That musky hash flavor will undoubtedly hypnotize your palette allowing that gorgeous sturdy smoke to just blow your problems somewhere else. By now Narcotherapy autoflowering cannabis seeds may well be heralded as being an outstanding performer as a possible anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, anti-anxiety and anti-pain option; however we believe this tiny lady really has so very much more to supply. In reality, regardless of what ones disorder, in case you are trying to find very tasty, high-performing medical cannabis seeds which mature in a very incredible place to generate remarkable crops, it is important for you to take a crack at Narcotherapy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds NOW!

Once you get Cream of the Crop Feminized or Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds you directly comprehend, since name will indicate, you have acquired the finest. You’ve received the cream of the crop! All of the Cream of the Crop Feminized, Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are for sale in packets of 5 10 & 25 seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Canada

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