Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering

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Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

Sweet flavored strain with strong, pain-relieving properties.

Northern Lights X Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

A fantastic new addition to our collection of high-quality strains, Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering seeds. A powerful and potent blend of two classic strains, creating a new and stable hybrid.

Autoflowering seeds have increased in popularity over the last few years, with a variety of new and exciting strains now available. Once considered a gimmick and of low quality, Autoflowering seeds now offer a quick and easy way to grow your own Cannabis and Marijuana plants.

By combining both the vegetative and flowering stages, overall growing times are decreased to a minimum. Unlike conventional feminized seeds, Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously. Requiring no set hours of darkness to flower, bud and mature.

Completely feminized seeds ensure every plant is a pure female, capable of producing the highest quality buds and colas. Requiring just 8 – 10 weeks from sprouting, these special Autoflowering seeds are easy to grow. A perfect choice for growing outdoors, even in Canada.

Planted during Spring, these Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering seeds will grow and develop simultaneously over the Summer months. The plants are squat and dense, often reaching no more than a meter in height.

Perfect for all levels of experience, even a complete beginner can produce a good quality harvest with these Autoflowering seeds. Once harvested and dried, the buds are identical to those produced by traditional feminized Marijuana seeds.

With no requirement for set hours of darkness, growing Cannabis in Canada can be quick and easy when you choose the right seeds. Take advantage of the Summer months and plant your own crop of Autoflowering Cannabis seeds outdoors.

Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

Combining the colorful, dense bud production of the Northern Lights with the diesel-fuel aroma and sweet, lemon citrus flavor of the Diesel, has produced a delicious hybrid strain. Easy to grow and fast to mature, these seeds require little previous experience or knowledge to produce a potent, powerful harvest.

Cultivated outdoors over the Summer months, these Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering seeds quickly grow, flower and mature. Per-plant yields can vary between 110 – 170 grams of dried buds, depending upon conditions.

A powerful strain, with a THC content between 16% – 26%, it generates a calming but euphoric high. A very relaxing, smooth flavored smoke and perfect for night-time use. Well-known for stimulating the appetite, as well as assisting rest and sleep.

A perfect strain, easy to grow and cultivate, indoors or outside. Enjoy sweet, smooth flavors and powerful effects from these Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflowering seeds.

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Northern Lights x Diesel

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Northern Lights X Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

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