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Orka Autoflowering Seeds

Fast flowering and easy to grow strain with powerful effects.

Orka Autoflowering Seeds

These new Orka Autoflowering seeds are a combination of the critically acclaimed Moby Dick and a top performing Ruderalis. Fast to mature and easy to grow, they are a perfect choice for growing indoors or outside during the Summer months.

Autoflowering seeds have become extremely popular with growers across Canada. Their ability to simultaneously grow and flower, regardless of the number of light hours they receive, make them the perfect choice for growing outdoors.

Perfectly stable, pure female seeds guarantee the best plants, buds and yields. Devoid of all male chromosomes, every seed will produce a worthwhile harvest.

Almost all of the most popular Feminized Cannabis seeds are now available in Autoflowering format. The original plants are crossed with a Ruderalis to attain the autoflowering abilities. Once sprouted, the plants will grow and flower simultaneously, achieving complete maturity approximately 11 weeks later.

Once harvested, the buds have a similar appearance, aroma and flavor as the original Moby Dick strain, but are much easier to cultivate and faster to mature. Even in Canada’s cooler climate, these Orka Autoflowering seeds have time to grow, bud and completely ripen before the onset of the Winter months.

The combined growth and flowering stages produce smaller, squat plants, with close, strong branches and multiple budding sites. Outdoor growers will produce their best harvests when the plants receive as many hours of strong, direct sunlight as possible.

Orka Autoflowering seeds can also be successfully cultivated indoors. Set your lights to run an 18/6 on-off cycle to produce the very best results. Plants of all ages can be grown in the same area from seedling through to maturity.

Orka Autoflowering Seeds

A perfectly blended strain, Orka Autoflowering seeds combine both Indica and Sativa genes with Ruderalis. The buds have a similar aroma to its parent, Moby Dick, with a woody. pine fragrance and slightly citrus flavor.

Strong THC levels offer a balanced effect, with a euphoric high and sedative body-buzz. Great for late afternoon and early evening use, it can help to reduce chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

A great choice for assisting with restful sleep, combating insomnia, rheumatism and arthritis. Reducing joint and muscular pain.

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Choose from 5, 10 or 25 Orka Autoflowering seeds per packet.

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Orka Autoflowering Seeds

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