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The Summer’s may be short cut you can still grow Outdoor Cannabis Seeds In Canada.

Successfully cultivating Outdoor Cannabis seeds in Canada is challenging to say the least. With parts of Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories within the Arctic Cycle, the temperature rarely rises much above zero, with months of long, dark, cold nights.

Selecting the right strains to grow under these conditions is paramount to a successful harvest, with many of the traditional outdoor Cannabis seeds unable to cope with the conditions.

Even in the southern parts of Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba, growing Cannabis seeds outdoors can be a challenge, with only a short Summer to vegetate and the fast onset of Winter compressing the available flowering time to an absolute minimum.

Traditional feminized Cannabis seeds require approximately 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to commence flowering, combined with an average of 8 weeks in flower to fully ripen. For the majority of strains it’s far too cold and wet for them to survive to harvest time, let alone flower, bud and mature.

Planting feminized Cannabis seeds outdoors during May and June is probably the best chance of producing your own buds using the traditional seeds and methods. However, with these months only receiving between 8 – 9 hours of sunlight per day, the plants will not grow and develop as they should during their vegetative cycle, and will usually remain small and spindly, producing very small, undeveloped buds.

Feminized Autoflowering Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Unlike traditional feminized outdoor Cannabis seeds which have separate vegetative and flowering cycles, Autoflowering strains combine both phases, growing and flowering simultaneously, almost from sprouting.

The plants remain short and squat, often no more than 1 meter tall when fully mature, but during their 8 – 10 week lifespan they can produce dense, high-quality buds, regardless of the number of sunlight or darkness hours they receive.

Extremely easy to grow, Autoflowering seeds are the strains of choice for many outdoor Cannabis growers all around the world. Highly adaptable and versatile, they can be successfully cultivated in places where traditional Cannabis plants fail. If you’re looking for outdoor Cannabis seeds with the best chance of producing a successful harvest, autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice.

Planted outdoors as seedlings during May and June, Autoflowering Cannabis seeds will have the best chances of producing a successful harvest, taking advantage of the longest hours of daily sunshine through until September. Although the plants may not receive as many hours of sunlight as they would like, it’s enough to allow them to grow, flower and fully mature during the warmest and brightest months of the year.

Once harvested and dried, the buds are identical to those produced from traditional feminized seeds, with similar flavors, aromas and effects, so if you like ‘Old-School’ classics such as Northern Lights, White Widow, Amnesia Haze and AK-47, you’re going to love these easy-to-grow, autoflowering beauties!

Or perhaps you’re looking to grow something a little different, more exotic and exclusive, don’t worry, with 92 different Autoflowering strains to choose from, Crop King Seeds has the perfect variety to suit all tastes, needs and requirements, including CB Autoflower Cheese seeds, easy to grow and perfect for medical use.

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