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Peyote Forum Feminized Seeds

Dank, potent buds from this easy to grow Cannabis hybrid.

Peyote Forum Feminised

Exceptional flavor and extremely potent. Peyote Forum Feminized is a THC rich, Indica-Sativa hybrid with a first-class pedigree. Created by Seedsman from Forum Cookies, a prized and sought-after Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. Together with a productive Peyote Purple. Enjoy the dankest, most powerful buds with a mouth-watering flavor.

Both Girl Scout Cookies and Peyote Purple are popular, highly potent Cannabis strains. The creation of these Peyote Forum Feminized seeds brings together the very best elements of the two, complimentary strains.

The Girl Scout Cookies influence is evident in the sweet flavor, with the addition of nutty undertones and a slightly spicy, skunk aroma. Medicinal qualities including stress-relief and the reduction of headaches, migraines and glaucoma have also been passed down.

Peyote Purple adds the Indica genetics into the mix. Itself a powerful and potent strain, known for its high THC levels, it also has a range of medicinal benefits. Often recommended for reducing pain, cramps, muscle spasms and insomnia.

With two, powerful and potent parents, Peyote Forum Feminized Cannabis seeds were always going to be a popular strain. A mix of both Indica and Sativa, the pure female seeds produce strong plants with generous harvests of dank, THC-rich buds.

A relatively easy Cannabis strain to grow, it requires a short vegetative cycle before inducing flowering. Indoor growers should set their lights to a standard 12/12 on-off cycle for the best results. Pruning the lower leaves and weak branches can assist air-flow, helping to maximize quality and quantity, while reducing the risks of bud-rot and mold.

Indoor flowering times average 65 days, with the plants producing good-sized harvests of dense, hard buds. A generous coating of thick resin coats much of the sweet-leaves, making this an ideal strain for making edibles, extracts and concentrates with.

Peyote Forum Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Through selective breeding, these Peyote Forum Feminized Cannabis seeds are of the highest quality. Retaining the flavor, aroma and powerful effects from its parent strains. It induces a fast-acting, long-lasting high, with a cerebral, uplifting sensation and relaxing ‘body-buzz’ effects.

THC levels of up 28% make this Cannabis strain one of the most potent available, not for light-users. If you want the strongest effects and soaring high’s, Peyote Forum Feminized Cannabis seeds should be at the top of your list.

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Peyote Forum

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