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Peyote Gorilla Feminized Seeds

Indica dominant strain with heavy yields of potent, sticky buds.

Peyote Gorilla Feminised

These new Peyote Gorilla Feminized Cannabis seeds are the stable, pure female creation from two, top-quality strains. An Indica dominant blend of Gorilla Glue #4 and Peyote Purple genetics, the plants are easy to grow, producing large buds and potent harvests.

Completely feminized and stable, every seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant. Enjoy heavy buds, mouth-watering flavors and a spicy diesel aroma from this new and exciting Cannabis strain.

Indica dominant, the plants display typical characteristics of large, dark green leaves, close inter-node branches and multiple budding sites. Cultivated indoors, the plants can be grown using a number of different methods and techniques. Perfect for Sea-of-Green and close-quarter styles, maximizing all the available growing area.

Flowering times of approximately 70 days may seem slightly long for an Indica dominant strain. However, the extra week or two in flower can pay extraordinary rewards. The buds are dense, hard and coated in resin. An ideal candidate for the production of extracts, concentrates and edibles.

With its longer flowering cycle, we recommend growing Gorilla Peyote Feminized Cannabis seeds indoors in Canada to achieve the very best quality harvests. Greater environmental controls produce a better climate for the plants. Encouraging increased growth and bud development.

By maximizing the growing area and with good growing techniques, indoor growers can expect to produce between 450 – 600 grams of potent, powerful buds per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, under a Mediterranean-style climate, per-plant harvests can be as much as 1500 grams. Given good growing techniques and conditions.

A great choice for growers with some experience, the feminized seeds produce strong, squat plants generating a multitude of buds.

Peyote Gorilla Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

With a blend of Gorilla Glue #4 and Peyote Purple, these new and exciting Feminized Cannabis seeds are everything you would expect. Potent and powerful harvests of dense, hard, sticky buds with a sweet berry flavor and earthy, diesel-fuel aroma.

With THC levels of between 20% – 26%, the high is fast-acting and hard-hitting. Enjoy an initial soaring effect, with a long-lasting, uplifting sensation. This is followed by a happy, euphoria, leaving you feeling relaxed and contented.

Loved by recreational users for its instant ‘hit’, Peyote Gorilla can also help reduce pain and fatigue. Light, daytime use can induce an energizing ‘body-buzz’. While increased use may leave you feeling very relaxed and sleepy.

A great strain for both day and night-time use when used accordingly.

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Peyote Gorilla

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