Peyote WiFi Feminized

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Peyote WiFi Feminized Seeds

Huge yields of resin-rich buds with a diesel-fuel aroma.

Peyote WIFI Feminised

These Peyote WiFi Feminized Cannabis seeds are one of the latest ‘Peyote’ hybrids available from Seedsman. A unique, underground strain. It combines the classic Peyote Purple, with WiFi, itself a hybrid of The White and Fire OG Cannabis strains.

Developed for yield and powerful effects, it ticks the boxes for both grower and smoker alike.

Completely feminized, these stable Cannabis seeds contain pure female genetics. Relax in the knowledge that each of your seeds will generate a top-quality female plant, capable of producing a potent and powerful, heavy harvest.

An Indica dominant strain that can be successfully cultivated both indoors and outside, given good conditions. Growers in Canada should consider cultivating their seeds indoors, or within a greenhouse, to produce the best quality buds and biggest per-plant harvests.

Once germinated and sprouted, allow the seedlings between 15 – 25 days in vegetative growth before adjusting your light-cycle for flowering.

Peyote WiFi Feminized Cannabis seeds have an extended flowering period. Longer than many traditional, Indica dominant strains. Although this may seem off-putting, the quick vegetative period produces a similar overall time-frame.

Allowing the plants the full 75 days in flower will enhance the flavor, aroma and total yield. Indoor growers can expect to produce between 500 – 650 grams of the best-quality buds per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, over the course of a season, growers in Mediterranean-style climates can produce up to 1500 grams of usable buds per-plant. Given good conditions and a small amount of experience.

With planning and some investment in equipment. Growers in Canada can produce heavy yields of potent, powerful buds. Growing inside a greenhouse during the Summer months can generate large, bushy plants. Their natural flowering times can also be brought forward, using black-out blinds and curtains.

Peyote WiFi Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

A powerful blend of some of the most potent genetics, Peyote WiFi offers incredible yields of dense, resin-coated buds. An ideal strain for making edibles and concentrates. It has an earthy, diesel-fuel flavor and aroma.

THC levels can be incredibly potent, generating between 20% – 26% with a low CBD content. As with many high-quality Indica dominant strains, the effects are predominately physical, generating a deeply relaxing sensation, perfect late night-time use.

A strain known for its natural pain relieving qualities, it is becoming very popular within the medicinal Cannabis community. It can help reduce arthritis and inflammation of the joints, as well as combating insomnia.

If you’re looking for a powerful, Indica dominant strain, Peyote WiFi Feminized Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice!

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Peyote WiFi

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