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The White OG Feminized Seeds

A hybrid OG with massive resin production and powerful effects.

The White OG Feminised

The OG Kush strain is hugely popular with both growers and smokers around the world. A powerful and potent Cannabis strain, it has produced several phenotypes and countless hybrids. The White OG Feminized is one of those strains. Discover the ultimate in OG phenotypes with these pure female seeds.

Created from The White Corte Croma crossed with a Cannabis Cup winning Rolex OG, these new, potent and powerful seeds produce dense, squat plants with a mostly Indica heritage. Easy to grow and highly adaptable, they produce strong female plants with close branches and multiple budding sites.

Cannabis gardeners in warm climates can cultivate the plants outdoors. While growers in cooler countries, such as here in Canada are advised to use a greenhouse to protect their plants from the cold night air.

The White OG Feminized is a great choice for indoor cultivation methods. A perfect candidate for the Sea-of-Green technique, it quickly forms a thick, even canopy. The close, strong branches are capable of producing extremely hard, dense buds with a pungent lemon and diesel-fuel aroma.

Once the plants have grown and developed an even canopy they can be sent to flower. Set your lights to the standard 12/12 on-off cycle to achieve the best results.

Average indoor flowering times are between 60 – 65 days, while outdoors, the plants will mature around early October, depending on climate and conditions.

The White OG Feminized strain is well-known for its dense, hard buds and phenomenal resin production. Once dried and cured the buds take-on a sparkling, white appearance.

A ‘cash-crop’ growers dream, the short, squat plants quickly produce dense, pungent buds and impressive harvests. Expect up to 500 grams per square meter from The White OG Feminized Cannabis seeds.

The White OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

A hugely popular strain, The White OG Feminized Cannabis seeds are popular with both recreational and medicinal users across the USA. Powerful THC levels of 15% – 20% quickly induce a strong physical effect, as well as an uplifting cerebral sensation, leaving you happy, relaxed and content.

The Indica dominance is evident in all phases of growth. Producing large, dark green leaves and dank, hard buds. Expect a pungent, aromatic aroma of sour lemon and diesel-fuel, with a spicy pepper and typical Kush flavor.

Often recommended for medicinal use, The White OG Feminized Cannabis seeds can help to reduce chronic pain, inflammation, stress and depression.

A potent and powerful strain, easy to grow both indoors and outside.

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The White OG

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