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Blue Cheese Cannabis

Why Blue Cheese Cannabis?

Blue Cheese Cannabis was created by crossing a set of Blueberry males, acquired from several different breeders, with Big Buddha Cheese, the backbone of many of Big Buddha’s breeding projects. The resulting seeds were grown out and a male was selected from 40 different Blueberry x Cheese male contestants, becoming the proud papa of this pungent strain. The selected Blueberry Cheese male was then crossed once again with a Big Buddha Cheese female, making this hybrid a mostly cheese plant with a hint of blueberry.

Blue Cheese Cannabis has round swirls of compact flowers that develop distinctly purple hues near the finish.

The close internodes of this plant make it highly suitable for sea of green growing. Indoor Blue Cheese Cannabis plants in SOG mature in 8-10 weeks. Blue Cheese Cannabis Plants produces a huge main cola indoors or out, with respectable additions to the yield from the controlled side branching. In the last two weeks, this strain finishes around Halloween. Blue Cheese Cannabis flavor has a soft fruity kiss of blueberry that fans of the fruit will appreciate, anchored in a strong underlying flavor that is unmistakably Cheese – slightly funky and dank with a woodsy edge. The combined taste is musky and spicy with a sweet cotton candy note and a hint of berries on the exhale. While the yield is not as abundant as some commercial strains selected for their pumped-up buds, growers in search of connesseur flavors will find the yield to be generous when compared to other varieties in the category.

The biggest pleasure of Blue Cheese Cannabis is its high, which comes on smooth on easy, and stays very functional while creating a feeling of great euphoria and an opening into outlook. This high opens the mind by relaxing the body. It’s comforting, balanced vibe that can take a nice long walk, or sit by the fire at home.

More Blue Cheese Cannabis

Big Buddha Seeds – Blue Cheese Genetics: (Skunk No. 1 (Cheese) x Afghani) x Blueberry Type: f1 Hybrid Harvest Date: October/November Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks THC Content: Unknown No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10 Characteristics: A Sweet, Fruity, Berry scent, with musky undertone of the original cheese.

The Big Buddha Cheese seeds are a backcrossed version of the Cheese, a clone only form Cannabis plant which has been growing in various places in the UK. It retains specific parts we loved from the original cheese, namely its sublime, distinctive taste, which, when tasted reminds people of the old skool cannabis they first smoked in the 80’s when the first hybrids were developed. The high from the Big Buddha seeds, Cheese is also very special indeed, a no ceiling, uplifting, motivational, high.


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