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We offer a wide selection of high quality Autoflowering seeds with an array of tastes, aroma’s and ‘highs, suitable for all levels of growing experience. From first-time gardeners, through to experienced commercial growers, Autoflowering seeds offer a quick and easy way to grow your own cannabis, both indoors, or outside during the short Summer season.

Autoflowering seeds differ from traditional feminized cannabis seeds in they all contain a self-flowering gene, courtesy of a wild form of cannabis called Ruderalis. While conventional seeds require a reduction in sunlight hours, and a regular, daily twelve hours of darkness to flower and mature, Auto seeds do not. Instead, they flower and mature with age, regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive.

With no dedicated growing and flowering phases, Auto seeds mature far quicker than traditional cannabis strains, dramatically reducing the time the plant requires from germination through to harvest to approximately 8 weeks. Whether you choose to grow within a purpose-built, indoor grow-room, or outdoors during the brief Spring and Summer months, Autoflowering seeds provide the fastest means of producing your own, high quality buds.

In general, Autoflowering seeds are female, and all our recommended strains are completely feminized. Devoid of any male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female cannabis plant. With a wide selection available, choose the Autoflowering strain that suits your needs the best.

Indoor growers providing good lighting and plenty of fresh air can produce a fresh harvest of autoflowering cannabis buds every two months from the same area, reducing the wait to an absolute minimum. Alternatively, Autoflowering seeds can be cultivated outdoors, even in Canada. Germinate the seeds, and allow them to sprout prior to planting outdoors. Even with the shortest season, the time needed for fast, autoflowering seeds to mature is available.

With a varied selection of Autoflowering seeds to choose from, you’re bound to discover an old classic or new favourite. All our recommended Autoflowering strains are dispatched directly by Crop King, one of Canada’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality Cannabis seeds. With a selection of payment and postal methods available, as well as first-class customer service, always on-hand to answer any questions or concerns.

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Why Buy Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds make growing Cannabis easy. With very little knowledge, even a complete ‘newbie’ can grow a high quality crop in a very short period of time. That doesn’t mean that these plants require very little skill to grow, experienced Cannabis growers can enjoy stability, reliability and best of all, a bumper harvest in a relatively short time.

Indoor Cannabis growers often plant Autoflowering seeds to achieve a quick harvest. Because Autoflowering seeds grow and flower at the same time, the need for a vegetative period is removed so rather than requiring a four week growth period, followed by eight weeks of flowering, Autoflowering seeds are much faster, often only requiring eight weeks from germination to complete maturity and harvest.

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