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We offer some of the finest quality feminized seeds available on-line. These best quality feminized Cannabis seeds are reliable, stable and true to their genetics. If you’re looking for the best White Widow, Sour Diesel, OG Kush and many more of the worlds best selling Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, all with GUARANTEED delivery and germination, our selected range will contain something for all, and if you still can’t make your mind up, why not try our value Mix Seeds Packs.

Feminized Cannabis seeds produce female only plants. As it is the female plant that produces the buds, (the male plant produces pollen to fertilize them) having the guarantee that all the seeds you plant will return a female plant is a great advantage to many Cannabis seeds Canada growers, especially those that grow indoors.

Stability and reliability our the key to the success of our Cannabis seeds. We offer over 500 entirely different strains, each with it’s own individual taste, aroma and high. Every feminized seed is individually selected to ensure guaranteed success, producing stable and uniform plants that do not display a variety of characteristics, but are true to their genetic heritage, producing high quality Cannabis buds with the traits you desire.

All our feminized seeds are dispatched in super-stealth packaging, and with our delivery guarantee, will reach you in prime, pristine condition, ready for germination.

While many Cannabis seed companies sell their seeds as ‘Souvenirs’  and therefore offer no guarantee of successful germination, Crop King not only guarantee your seeds will be delivered, they also GUARANTEE GERMINATION.

No more hoping, wondering your Cannabis seeds will arrive, No more guess-work with seeds producing both male and female plants, and no more wasted seeds as they fail to germinate.


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Understanding Feminized Seeds

Feminized Cannabis seeds are created to contain no male chromosomes. Because of this, every plant grown from these seeds will be a female, producing a crop of resinous buds upon maturity.

Why Buy Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are ideal for Cannabis gardeners who want a quick and easy growing and flowering process. Many Cannabis users are put-off growing their own supply due to difficulties in sexing the plants, If male plants are not removed as soon as the flowering process begins, the males will pollinate the female plants, leading to a low quality harvest of seeded bud.

A single male plants is capable of seeding an entire crop, and that’s the last thing any Cannabis gardener wants! Feminized seeds offer an easy solution to this problem, and reduce the need to spend time growing plants that turn out to be male, or finding a rogue male plant in your crop.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Many people are surprised to learn that unlike many plants, the Cannabis plant has both a male and a separate female plant, and that it requires both sexes to pollinate buds and make seeds. This occurs when pollen released from the male, fertilizes the female flowers, resulting in the plant diverting it’s resources to seed manufacture, rather than bud production.

The subsequent Cannabis seeds that are produced are commonly known as Regular Cannabis seeds, and will grow into both male and female plants. There is no way of knowing which sex the seeds are until they are grown and forced to produce flowers. Subsequently removing the 50% average males.

Planting feminized seeds removes the guess-work and guarantees female-only plants. Gardeners simply select the strain they wish to grow, germinate the correct number of seeds, grow, flower and harvest the rewards. The introduction of feminized seeds made indoor Cannabis growing even easier than ever!

How Can You Create Feminized Seeds?

Plants such as Cannabis and Marijuana have been on the planet far longer than mankind, during which time it has had to undergo many hardships. One of it’s survival mechanisms is the ability to produce the organs of the opposite sex plant and pollinate itself.

It is this ability that has enabled the Cannabis plant to grow is some of the most inhospitable environments. Under extreme, isolated conditions, it is not unknown for the male plant to produce white pistols for self-pollination. However, it is far more common for female plant to develop rogue male flowers. These plants are often called hermaphrodite and will self-seed, rendering them useless for high quality Cannabis growers.

However, this trait can be used to the Cannabis growers advantage. When pollen is collected from a female plant that has been forced to produce rogue male flowers. And is then used to pollinate a female plant, the subsequent seeds contain no male chromosomes and all the seeds will produce female only plants. During the last 20 years this process has advanced considerably, and female only plants can be guaranteed with almost certainty from stable and reliable mother plants.