Autoflowering Seeds

Fast and easy to grow, Autoflowering seeds offer the easiest way for both new Cannabis growers, and the more experienced alike to enjoy super-fast harvest of some of the most popular strains of Cannabis available.

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflowering

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflowering Seeds

These new Blueberry x Mazar Autoflowering seeds are an easy-to-grow, Indica dominant version of the famed original. Well-known for its fruity Blueberry flavor, these feminized, self-flowering Cannabis seeds are perfect for all levels of experience.

The plants are short, squat and bushy, often reaching no more than 1 meter tall. Flowering begins automatically, almost from sprouting, with the plant requiring between 8 – 10 weeks to achieve peak ripeness. Find out more about these exciting Autoflowering seeds.

Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflowering

Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflowering Seeds

Prepare yourself for a mouth-watering, fruit-flavored explosion, as two legendary Cannabis strains collide forming a new, exciting strain. Introducing Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflowering, now available from Crop King Seeds. One of the latest Cannabis seeds from this leading Canada seed bank.

Blending together Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis genes, Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflowering seeds are the perfect hybrids. Easy-to-grow and fast to flower, they are the perfect for all levels of experience.

Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflowering

Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflowering Seeds

These powerful and potent Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflowering seeds are one of our latest additions to our Autoflowering Cannabis seeds collection. Available from Crop King Seeds, they offer a balance of both Sativa and Indica genes, creating a perfect high.

These special Autoflowering seeds combine the fruit flavors of Blueberry with the medicinal properties of the Jack Herer strain. Enjoy the juicy Blueberry flavor and fast-acting, relaxing high that enjoying this strain brings.

Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflowering

Blueberry X Big Bud Autoflowering Seeds

A mix of Purple Thai and a high-quality Afghani, original Blueberry was an Indica dominant strain, with a deliciously fruit flavor. Crossed with a high-quality Big Bud and a Ruderalis, these special Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflowering seeds are easier to grow, faster to mature and produce heavier yields than many other Blueberry hybrids.

Great for indoor and outdoor growers alike, producing large, fragrant harvests in super-fast time. Find out more.

Blue x Cream C Autoflowering

Blue x Cream C Autoflowering Seeds

If you’re looking for something a little different, these Blue x Cream C Autoflowering seeds are a great choice. A fast-flowering, low-maintenance Cannabis strain that produces high-quality harvests.

The unusual combination of Cheese and Blueberry Cannabis strains produces a smooth, fruity-skunk flavor and rich aromatic smoke. The Indica dominance is evident, producing a relaxing ‘body-buzz’. While the Sativa influence can be felt in waves of mild euphoria.

Blue Fruit Autoflowering

Blue Fruit Autoflowering Seeds

Growing your own Cannabis can be quick and easy, even if you’ve never grown before. While more experienced growers will enjoy the minimal amount of attention these plants require.

Created by crossing an Afghani Indica with a Thai Sativa, Blue Fruit Autoflowering seeds are an easy-to-grow Cannabis strain, perfect for all levels of experience.

Blue Cheese Autoflowering

Blue Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds Blue Cheese Autoflowering Seeds A tasty, easy-to-grow Autoflowering strain. A world-famous strain, Blue Cheese Autoflowering is well-known for its unique and unusual flavor. It combines dominant Indica with Sativa genetics, crossed with a high-quality Ruderalis strain to enable…