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Lambs Breath Autoflowering Seeds

Energizing high said to be the favorite strain of the late Bob Marley.

Lambs Breath Autoflower SeedsLambs Breath are one of the latest additions to our recommended autoflowering seeds collection, totally feminized, guaranteeing pure, female-only plants, it’s claimed this was Bob Marley’s favorite strain. From its original origins of Jamaica, Lambs Breath Autoflowering seeds have spread around the world as demand for these high quality seeds increased.

Considered a moderately easy marijuana strain to grow and cultivate, Lambs Breath is a feminized autoflowering strain, capable of flowering and achieving complete maturity regardless of the number of light hours the plants receive. Once the seeds have germinated and sprouted, expect fast, vibrant growth and simultaneous flowering during the next 7-9 weeks, after which time the plants will have achieved peak ripeness and maturity,

With its strong, 85% Sativa dominant genetics, Lambs Breath generates a powerful, energizing high with a THC content of  between 19-25% and an average CBD level of 0.3%. Perfect for relaxing and allowing the flow of conversation and creative thought, while reinvigorating and energizing the body.

The plants produce large, dense buds with a distinctive green color and heavy coating of frosted trichomes. Once mature, the distinctive aroma of Lambs Breath contains elements of many aromas, with fragrances similar to Skunk and Cheese strains, but also containing elements of pine, wood and earthy tobacco.

Harvests vary depending upon conditions and location, with indoor growers producing larger harvests of approximately 250 grams in a similar time-span, compared to their outdoor counter-parts, whose yields are usually around 150 dried grams per plant.

If you are looking for a fast and easy marijuana strain to grow, Lambs Breath is a perfect choice. Requiring very little knowledge or previous experience, these autoflowering seeds will grow and flower without the need for sexing, or a change in the number of daily hours of sunlight they receive to flower and completely mature.

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