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Mary Jane’s Garden Cannabis Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Cannabis Seeds

Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds

A long-established Cannabis Seed Bank based in Canada.

Mary Jane’s Garden is a Cannabis seed producer and Seed Bank based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2003 by a group of Cannabis seed enthusiasts, it has become one of Canada’s leading suppliers of fresh, high-quality Cannabis seeds, offering a wide selection of strains.

Choose from a selection of Feminized, Autoflowering and Regular Cannabis seeds, all produced in laboratory conditions and meticulously checked for quality. Their website is easy to use, with separate categories offering seeds for all needs, including Indoor, Outdoor and Medical varieties.

Since the legalization of Cannabis in both recreational and medicinal form, Mary Jane’s Garden has built a loyal, returning customer base, with good reviews and testimonies to their quality. Pictures across many Social Media platforms display their strain’s potential, with both indoor and outdoor growers posting a variety of shots.

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Mary Jane’s Garden – Choice and Quality Seeds.

Mary Jane’s Garden prides itself on it’s reputation of producing high-quality Cannabis seeds and strains in a choice of formats. Choose from a selection of Regular or Feminized seeds, all completely stable and with high germination ratios. Currently there is only one Autoflowering strain available, with more being developed.

Medical Cannabis strains are particularly well represented and easy to find on the website, with it’s own individual section. There are a choice of both Feminized and Regular strains available, offering growers the opportunity of breeding their own strains for the coming years, with a selection of high-quality seeds producing male plants.

There are currently sixty-two different Cannabis strains available on their website, all of the highest-quality and individually inspected before being packaged and shipped. From smaller, 10-seed packets, through to 20, 40 and even 50-seed packets of certain strains, you can buy Cannabis seeds online from Mary Jane’s Garden.

Mary Jane’s Garden – Feminized Strains.

Feminized Cannabis strains are some of the most popular and in-demand seeds. Devoid of all male chromosomes they are guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure-female plant. Only the female Cannabis plant produces flowers and buds, male plant’s produce pollen for fertilization and are considered worthless by many growers.

Planting feminized seeds indoors maximizes a crop’s potential, with no wasted time, space or resources on unwanted and unprofitably male plants. With no way of telling a male from a female plant until flowering begins, choosing Feminized Cannabis seeds guarantees the largest harvests.

Regardless of whether they are male or female, all Cannabis plants have two distinctive life-cycles. While the plant receives twelve hours or more of daily sunlight, it will grow, quickly producing new leaves and branches. Once the daylight hours reduce to less than twelve per day, the plant will stop growing and begin to flower, producing buds and cola’s over the next 8 – 10 weeks, until reaching maturity.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor growing techniques, but with the shorter Canadian Summers and the fast onset of Winter, indoor cultivated plants usually produce the biggest and highest-quality harvests.

With a wide selection of Feminized Cannabis seeds available, and a choice of three packet sizes, choose the strains that suit your tastes the best.

Mary Jane's Garden AK 48 Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Black Jack Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Med USA Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden White Widow Seeds


Mary Jane’s Garden – Medical Strains.

With current medical evidence supporting CBD as a form of natural medicine, many more people are now growing their own medicinal Cannabis plants. These seeds contain higher levels of CBD than recreational Cannabis strains and can provide a range of health benefits and applications.

Pure CBD seeds contain virtually no THC, the psychotropic element contained within Cannabis and Marijuana responsible for making the user feel ‘high’ and euphoric. This makes them a perfect choice for medicinal, daily use.

Many of the Medical Cannabis seeds available contain high levels of CBD and low or equal levels of THC, these are perfect for users looking for both medical benefits and a relaxing sensation. By far the biggest and most popular choice, they often a range of uses, from relieving joint and muscular pain, such as arthritis, to reducing depression, stress and anxiety.

You can buy Mary Jane’s Garden Medical Cannabis seeds in either Feminized or Regular format, depending on whether you wish to grow pure female plants, or a combination of both males and females for breeding purposes.

Their strains are perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor growing techniques, including their high-quality Autoflowering Jock Horror, great for beginners and those growers looking for the fastest, easiest harvests.

With a wide selection of strains, choose the Medical Cannabis seeds that suit your needs best.

Mary Jane's Garden Bubblelicious Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Jock Horror Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Full Moon Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Snow White Seeds


Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Selling Cannabis Seeds.

Using the very best strains, together with laboratory breeding techniques, Mary Jane’s Garden produce a selection of Cannabis seeds with superior genetics and guaranteed performance. Strong, stable and vibrant plants producing the biggest and heaviest harvests are a trademark of some of their best-selling strains, with customers returning again and again with repeat orders.

Providing dependable, repeatable results is what makes a top-selling Cannabis strain, allowing growers to develop and advance their skills, producing the highest quality plants and buds. Many of these strains have been cultivated and enjoyed over a number of years, retaining their original flavor, aroma and effects.

Many popular Cannabis strains combine both Indica and Sativa genetics, producing hybrid plants with a wide spectrum of tastes, smells and highs. Indica dominant strains are usually shorter in height, but increasingly bushy. While Sativa dominant strains tend to grow taller, requiring a slightly longer flowering time.

Both Cannabis varieties produce different effects, with Indica strains often referred to as ‘body-buzz’ while Sativa dominant plants often induce a more cerebral ‘high’. Commonly, smokers prefer Sativa-based strains during the day and Indica-dominant strains during the evening, due to their relaxing effects.

With a selection of high-quality, best-selling strains, choose the Cannabis seeds that you enjoy the most.

Mary Jane's Garden Chrystal Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Durban Poison Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Haze Seeds

Mary Jane's Garden Ice Seeds


Buy Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds Online.

With Cannabis becoming more accepted across many parts of the world, buying Cannabis seeds online has become easier than ever. Mary Jane’s Garden offers a wide selection of Cannabis seeds, catering for all tastes and requirements. Regardless of your level of experience, you can start growing your own high-quality Cannabis within just a few days.

Fast-dispatch and delivery is at the fore-front of the company ideals, with the majority of Canadian orders being sent out with 24 hours of being received and processed.

Choose from a variety of secure payment options including Bank transfer, Credit or Debit Card transaction, and even cash, with a customer support team on-hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your purchase.

Dispatched under plain packaging and with the option of guaranteed delivery, you can be sure your seeds will reach you in perfect condition.

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