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Cream of the Crop Seeds are proud of building several of the best wonderfully smelly slight hybrids of nature along with their own unique characteristics and tastes by leveraging the premium Genetic make-up pedigree and connecting these varieties to create appealing terrific tips on notorious fusion. Cream of the Crop Seeds can offer conventional strains, fruity breeds, vivacious and fast Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. You possibly prefer sweet pot, a bit of kushy, chilly and grimy diesel or a prominent Sativa trippy stone — Cream of the Crop Seeds is an effective spot, to make room for all specifications and inclinations.

Seed Breeder : Cream of the Crop Seeds
Genetic Origin : Blueberry X Critical+ X Ruderalis
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time: From seed to flower 60 days indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High Yield  – 300 g/m2 – 45 gr per plant outdoor
Height : Short
THC / CBD / CBN : 15% THC

Additional Info : Two heavyweight strains; Blueberry and Critical Mass get blended and go psycho in this fruity mad autoflowerer!

Since the name implies, the Psychofruit Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Cream of the Crop will undoubtedly take your breath away. The mutation of Blueberry, Critical+ and Ruderalis is really a exhilarating cross that provides a powerful, euphoric impact which never seems to come to an end. However while the impact of this astounding combination is mind bending, the crops are in reality sturdy, consistent and extremely effortless to cultivate. Those blueberry features signify Psychofruit weed seeds will cultivate quickly, however the bulk of compact firm buds will probably be jam-packed with a scrumptious fruity, skunky drag that provides pungent THC rates of 15%.

However this Critical + power and intensity is rarely far at the back, resulting in a amazing drag for just about any true pot lovers. Anticipate a astounding color exhibit through the short Sixty Day (60-day) blossoming time as buds turn tones of red, blue and purple mainly because they adopt the DNA of their ancestry. And due to the autoflowering features of the Ruderalis, these incredible autoflowering cannabis seeds really don’t call for a individual flowering area. And the moment it boils down to the end creation, regardless whether you need to battle stress, pain or anxiety, or merely require a really expert time, there’s nothing comparable to a ride on the Psychofruit express. Medical marijuana definitely has its place in society. Find more Medical Cannabis here!

If you happen to get Cream of the Crop Feminized or Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds you immediately realize, considering that the name will indicate, you actually obtained the premium. You have received the cream of the crop! Every Cream of the Crop Feminized, Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are obtainable in packets of 1, 3, 5 & 10 seeds. In the event you get hold of your seeds by means of any of the hyperlinks on this site you are also likely to attain further FREE seeds with each and every order. Click through our links and discover independently!

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