Should I Grow Autoflowering Seeds?

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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 Should I Grow Autoflowering Seeds?

If you enjoy Cannabis and Marijuana, you probably already know about Autoflowering seeds. Originally developed by the Joint Doctor with the creation of Lowryder, Autoflowering Marijuana seeds have developed into a classification of Marijuana strains within their own right. With many current breeders now specializing exclusively in Autoflowering strains as their chosen Marijuana strain.

For the last few years now many strains have been crossed with the more regular feminized Marijuana strains to produce autoflowering hybrids that contain both the gene to trigger automatic flowering, whilst maintaining the quality of its feminized original. One may even go as far as to say that the modern automatic strains taste just as good as their original counter-parts, well almost. I must say of the many various autoflowering strains i have sampled, Samsara’s Ultra Violet was possibly the nicest, but i am partial to Blue Cheese, and that particular autoflowering strain does exude a similar aroma and taste to both Barney’s Farm and obviously the Big Buddha Cheese.

Judging taste is always difficult, it can depend so much on one’s own palette, and mine, along with my sense of smell, is pretty dire, i often rely on my very good friend for his sensory perception of taste and smell.

Harvesting Autoflowering Seeds.

Quantity is always going to be paramount when growing any Cannabis or Medical Marijuana. If you live in parts of the United States of America where, under license, you can grow your own personal Medical Marijuana, you are already fully aware that your license, or Marijuana Card entitles you to grow a set number of plants, in various stages of growth, that means that you need to harvest as much high quality Medical Marijuana from your plants as possible, and a 2 foot plant, weighing in at a dry 14 grams is not going to be worth your time, effort or use of one of the plants available on your Marijuana license.

Another factor to consider when thinking of growing autoflowering plants is the fact that they need far greater, and longer hours of daylight. Whilst this is not a concern in countries that enjoy lengthy, hot days, those growers in colder climates will need to grow there Autoflowering seeds indoors, and as we are all too aware, the cost of running high powered sodium or metal halide bulbs for eighteen hours a day, when the harvest may well be at very best, only thirty grams of dried bud just is not economically viable.

Often Marijuana growers like to take clones or cuttings, this is not possible with autoflowering seeds, they will not root, and even if you do manage to root a cutting, or clone, it is already into its flowering cycle, and so will not have the necessary time to lay down roots, grow and develop reasonable sized buds. In the experiments that i witnessed, although it was on occasion possible to root a healthy branch, it subsequently produced no more than two grams at harvest, one smoke, not worth the time or cost at all.

In conclusion, their is a place for Autoflowering strains, although probably not indoors. Grown outdoors they can produce some very nice Marijuana, however, our advice would be to stick to some of the more tried and tested Medical Indica and Sativa strains. Our advertised Medical Marijuana Seeds are some of the finest available, all delivery discreetly and directly to you.

Of course, should you wish to view, or choose some Autoflowering Seeds for yourself, we have a wide selection of those also available by clicking through any of the pictures to the right. Or you can learn more about Autoflowering seeds by clicking the link below.

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 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.