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Tangerine Autoflowering Seeds

Fast flowering, Sativa dominant strain with a sweet tangerine flavor.

Tangerine Autoflowering Seeds

If you enjoy the uplifting, energizing and euphoric high from a good quality Sativa, you’ll love these new Tangerine Autoflowering seeds. A fast, automatic version of the hugely popular feminized strain, producing buds with a similar fragrance, flavor and effects.

When Marijuana breeders started incorporating the self-flowering Ruderalis gene into their strains, they probably didn’t realize just how popular the new seeds would become. Over the years, the quality and quantity of buds generated by these plants has improved dramatically. Making them a popular choice with both recreational and medicinal growers all around the world.

Ruderalis is a wild form of Hemp, closely related to the Cannabis and Marijuana plant. Containing little, if any THC, its only use is for animal feed. It can however, grow and flower regardless of the time of year, or number of daylight or darkness hours the plants receive.

Through selective breeding with popular feminized strains and a high-quality Ruderalis. These autoflowering capabilities have been passed to a new generation of seeds. Tangerine Autoflowering seeds produce buds with similar traits and characteristics to their feminized counter-parts, but are easier to grow and faster to mature.

By combining both vegetative and flowering cycles, these Tangerine Autoflowering seeds reduce the time from sprouting to complete maturity to an absolute minimum. Over the course of just 10 weeks, the plants will grow, bud and completely mature ready for harvesting.

A perfect choice for all levels of experience, with just a small amount of care and attention it’s easy to produce a highly potent, worthwhile harvest. Outdoor growers in Canada should plant their seeds outdoors after the last frost, towards the end of Spring. The plants will produce their best yields when subjected to long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

Tangerine Autoflowering Seeds

Tangerine Autoflowering seeds are Sativa dominant, but only require approximately 10 weeks from sprouting to fully mature. One of the best quality and easiest to grow Sativa strains, producing large buds with an unmistakable tangerine aroma and flavor.

THC levels are strong, inducing a fast-acting high with long-lasting, relaxing properties. Well known as a mood-booster, it can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as improving the appetite, reducing nausea.

A great choice for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, generating easy-to-grow plants with generous harvests. Treat yourself to a sweet, tangerine flavored Sativa this coming season.

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Tangerine Autoflowering Seeds

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