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What is Sea of Green Technique.

When you first hear the term SOG most people want to know What is Sea of Green? Sea of Green, or SOG, is a great technique of cultivating cannabis so as to facilitate the crops straight into the blossoming phase specially when immature and tiny. By commencing the flowering stage of the cannabis crops following approximately 2 weeks of vegetative development it is possible to produce several weeks sooner that you certainly would than if you grew your crops to adult size.

Why Select Sea of Green?

The Sea of Green technique is referring to utilizing space proficiently which is constructive in case you are limited with the size specifications accessible in your grow room (although it is additionally more frequently utilized in sizable operations and green-house grows). By transitioning the marijuana plants’ lighting style to 12/12 early, to induce flowering, it is also possible to squeeze more than a few crops within the size specifications usually used by a single plant. Despite the fact that the harvest of every individual plant has a smaller footprint, the collected yield per sq metre is going to be larger.

Time is additionally a serious element to bear in mind when determining whether or not to make use of a Sea of Green technique. A number of cannabis strains will be able to use up much more than ten weeks vegetating, by setting ones cannabis crops to flower after only a couple of weeks you will definitely get additional bounty annually. This really is well suited for bigger operations whenever a steady demand is required.

Specifically when growing cannabis under non-natural grow lamps it is recommended to make use of the luminosity in the most effective way you can. Not solely due to the fact that you’re finding case for its power consumption; but since you will aspire to get the best from your crops. The majority of grow room configurations call for illumination of one’s crops from above. Implementing this ensures that your plants ‘shade out’ their own base since the lower parts of the plant typically do not get equally as much daylight as the tops. By packaging your crops closely altogether an umbrella of marijuana buds is created, making unsurpassed utilization of the light. In case you are using one big HPS grow light then you definitely simply have the choice of lighting from the top down, by means of a variety of HPS grow lights or even better power saving broad spectrum LED grow lights then you definitely continue to have the choice of illumination from the sides as well.

What is Sea of Green Technique

The Sea of Green technique is predominantly practical should you have an amount of clippings obtained from cloned cannabis. This procedure helps you save cash on buying seeds and definitely will guarantee the superiority and sex of your juvenile plants. Even though Sea of Green doesn’t in general necessitate trimming, just after the canopy has developed some growers prefer to close up the limbs beneath to give more attention to the plants’ energy toward the main bud and enhance air-flow underneath the umbrella or canopy. These clippings could be cloned and often supply the subsequent set of SOG plants, creating a self-perpetuating harvest.

Ways to Use The Sea of Green Technique

There aren’t any extraordinary talents necessary to implement the Sea of Green technique. Once you know the basic idea, implementing a SOG grow is trouble-free. In realtiy considering the deficiency of any schooling, SOG is likely one of the most effective ways to cultivate marijuana.

Cannabis Plants Suited For The Sea of Green Technique

Generally, Indica seed varieties, utilizing their obviously squat physique and single main loka are best suited to SOG strategies. Some Sativas can work but they simply are normally too ‘leggy’ to totally have the benefit of SOG techniques. We certainly would recommend Indicas, Kush, Northern Lights x Big Bud, as well as some more specialized feminized dwarf strains such as Buddha Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized and Royal Queen Royal Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized seeds.

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