White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

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White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflowering seeds are an Autoflowering version of the world-famous White Widow Cannabis strain.

Compact and easy to grow, these Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for beginners and more experienced growers alike.

An excellent Cannabis strain for both indoor and outdoor growing, remaining short and squat with a large central cola.

Flowering begins automatically after the third set of true leaves, regardless of the number of hours of darkness, and the plant will require a further 56 days to fully grow, flower and mature to it’s maximum potential.

White Widow Autoflowering seeds grow to between 50 cm – 60 cm tall, mainly producing one large central cola, making them discreet outdoors and perfect for Sea-Of-Green growing indoors, producing approximately 120 grams of Cannabis buds per square meter.

White Widow is a very potent and powerful Marijuana variety, available on the top of all Dutch Coffee-Shop menu’s.

The buzz is powerful and energetic with a social high. Very strong, you will not be disappointed with White Widow Cannabis.

White Widow Autoflowering seeds are perfect for beginners, being one of the easiest strains to grow.

Very forgiving, producing strong, sturdy plants that grow well indoors and outside with good yields from every plant..

You can buy White Widow Autoflowering seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 25 seed packs with prices starting from as little as $65.00

All these White Widow autoflowering seeds are feminized, producing only female plants, and are included in the suppliers germination guarantee..

Buy the very best quality White Widow Autoflower seeds, with fast, guaranteed delivery to the Canada, USA and Europe.

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From $65.00

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White Widow Auto Seeds

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