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California Dream Seeds

California Dream a euphoric Mexican Sativa will produce 24% THC levels.

California Dream Seeds Originally created in California, California Dream Cannabis seeds are a blend of Mexican Sativa and Afghan Indica produces a compact plant with large, conical buds covered in resin. Taken to Amsterdam during the late 1980’s, the strain was feminized and stabilized, producing a 70% Indica dominant strain with increased THC levels and a potent, long-lasting high.

Grown indoors with a reasonable vegetative period the plants will reach an average height of approximately 80 cm, and respond well to Screen-of-Green growing styles and super-cropping techniques. Outdoors, with a long vegetative period, California Dream can reach heights of 240 cm, becoming more of a tree than a plant.

These are 100% guaranteed feminized seeds, producing female-only plants with stable genetics and a moderately forgiving nature.

All the Cannabis seeds supplied by I Love Growing Marijuana are guaranteed to germinate and produce female plants under their germination guarantee policy.

These Cannabis seeds are easy to grow, responding well to both soil and hydroponic set-ups. Indoors their full, mature height can easily be controlled with super-cropping techniques, or by growing in a Screen-of-Green style, which can also increase the already heavy harvest of approximately 600 grams of high quality, dried bud per square meter.

The plants themselves grow strong with two distinctive pheno-types, both stable, producing large, swollen buds with a good covering of resin. Grown indoors under 12/12 flowering conditions and a good environment, California Dream requires eight weeks to fully flower and mature. Outdoors, maturity is reached around October.

California Dream is a very strong, potent form of medical-grade marijuana, with elevated THC levels that can reach as much as 24%. Fortunately the higher CBD levels control the soaring high as it approaches its plateau, providing an energizing, sociable buzz that’s euphoric and long-lasting, inducing the user into a more relaxed, talkative mood. A great strain for relaxing in the evening, or enjoying with friends, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Although not recommended for complete beginners, California Dream seeds are easy to grow, producing high quality buds every time. A dream to grow, a dream to smoke.

California Dream seeds are available to buy online in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized seeds. Delivery and the very best stealth packaging are included, and all purchases are 100% guaranteed to arrive at their destination, or a replacement will be dispatched, totally free of charge.

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California Dream Seeds

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California Dream Seeds

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