Feminized Seeds

We sell the finest feminized seeds, guaranteed to produce female-only plants. 22 of the very best quality Cannabis strains from Afghan to White Widow. select any strain to learn more.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

White Russian Fast Flowering

If you’re looking for fast flowering Cannabis seeds with high quality harvests of potent, tasty buds, Crop King Seeds have the perfect strains for you. Choose from a selection of fast flowering Cannabis seeds with quick, heavy harvests and potent, powerful buds.

Developed specially for indoor growers, these unique Cannabis seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants. Through selective breeding, Crop King have taken some of the fastest flowering and most stable varieties and enhanced their flowering qualities, producing feminized, fast flowering Cannabis seeds with all the taste, aroma and effects you expect.

White Cookies

White Cookies Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds White Cookies Seeds A perfect blend of two highly popular medicinal strains. With a combination of both White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies genes, White Cookies cannabis seeds were always going to be a potent and well received…

Hash Plant Seeds

Hash Plant Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds Hash Plant Seeds Highly resinous Indica dominant strain that’s easy to grow. Hash Plant feminized cannabis seeds are a combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genes, which produce this fast-flowering, heavily resinous strain. Originally from the Netherlands,…

Black Indica Seeds

Black Indica Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds Black Indica Seeds Easy to grow feminized strain, great for day-time and medicinal use. Combining Pure Kush and Afghan strains together, Black Indica seeds are a 100% Indica strain, perfect for a variety of different growing techniques. Requiring…

Dark Angel

Dark Angel Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds Dark Angel Seeds Balanced hybrid cannabis strain perfect for recreational and medicinal users. Dark Angel cannabis seeds are an equal 50/50 blend of both Sativa and Indica  genetics, combined to create a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Comprising of…

Sativa Star

Sativa Star Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds Sativa Star Seeds Sativa dominant strain with good yields and a long-lasting cerebral high. Sativa star cannabis seeds are a 90% Sativa dominant strain,that generates a powerful, lasting high. A long-flowering strain, requiring plenty of space and height to…

Sour Jack

Sour Jack Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds Sour Jack Seeds Combining two highly popular varieties into 1 ‘kick-ass’ strain. Our Jack feminized cannabis seeds have been created from two highly popular strains, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, and contain some of the very best traits…