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Candy Cream Autoflowering Seeds

A sweet and creamy strain with a high THC and CBD content.

Candy Cream Auto

These Candy Cream Autoflowering seeds are one of the new fast-growing, Autoflowering strains available from Seedsman. Completely feminized they produce pure female plants. A very easy strain to grow, perfect for all levels of experience and growing techniques.

An Indica dominant strain with a Ruderalis twist, the plants remain short and squat, perfect for Sea-of-Green planting. With a combined growing and flowering cycle, the plants achieve complete mature 60 – 65 days from sprouting.

Planted indoors or outside, these Candy Cream Autoflowering seeds will achieve complete maturity, regardless of daylight or darkness hours.

Autoflowering seeds simultaneously grow and flower almost from the start of their short lives. Unlike traditional feminized Cannabis seeds, they do not have separate vegetative and budding cycles. By combining both phases together, Autoflowering strains reduce the time from germination to harvest to a minimum.

Although many growers plant Autoflowering seeds outdoors, they can also be successfully cultivated inside. Unlike traditional Cannabis seeds, requiring 12 hours of undisturbed darkness, Autoflowering seeds produce their best and biggest yields when subjected to long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

Setting your indoor lights to an 18/6 on-off light cycle will produce the best yields and most potent buds. Outdoor growers should sow their seeds towards the end of Spring, after the last frost. Their plants will take advantage of the long Summer days and hours of direct sunlight.

Candy Cream Autoflowering Strain.

Candy Cream Autoflowering seeds produce small plants with very sweet-tasting buds. If you like your weed candy-sweet, these are the perfect seeds for you. Extremely easy to grow, requiring very little care, attention or previous knowledge to generate a high-quality harvest.

While many Autoflowering strains can have a low potency, Cream Candy provides the opposite effect. THC levels of approximately 18% producing a fast, hard-hitting high that may be too much for some new smokers.

Loved by many recreational users for these fast and long-lasting effects, Candy Cream Autoflowering seeds are also very popular with medical Cannabis users with a CBD content of approximately 1.6%. A therapeutic, Indica-dominant strain, it has a wide selection of medical applications. Very effective in reducing stress, pain and anxiety, migraines and glaucoma.

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Candy Cream

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