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CB Dream is part of our recommended medical marijuana seed collection and boasts an impressive CBD – THC ratio. Created for its calming medicinal properties, rather than a recreational high, it’s the perfect strain for growers, both new and experienced, to generate their own high quality medical grade marijuana, especially since the changes in Canadian law permit growing marijuana for personal use.

Using marijuana for its medicinal benefits isn’t new, the plants have been used for their healing properties for over two-thousand years. However, studies performed over recent decades have shown that CBD, one of the primary compounds found in marijuana, has the most therapeutic value.

Marijuana consists of a large number of different compounds, with THC and CBD being the most common. Many of the most popular strains have been bred for increased THC and reduced CBD content, elevating the ‘high’ the user experiences.

Medical marijuana seeds however, reduce the THC content and increase the CBD level, allowing the user the maximum health benefits from the plant, while reducing its euphoric and mind-altering effects.

CB Dream is a very easy plant to grow and cultivate, comprising of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics. Created from an infusion of Blue Dream and Original Kush, it can be grown both indoors, within a purpose built growing area. Or outside from Spring through to early Fall using a variety of methods and growing techniques.

A highly popular medical marijuana strain, it produces an even 1:1 CBD/THC ratio of 6%, generating an uplifting, yet calming effect, perfect for both day and night-time use. The buds are large and dense, as you would expect from an Indica dominant strain, with a subtle citrus, and sweet pine flavor and aroma.

As with all standard feminized marijuana seeds, all the plants produced are female, eliminating the need to sex them. Flowering occurs naturally outdoors, as the daylight hours decrease over the course of the seasons. While indoor growers will have to reduce their lights to a 12/12 ratio to induce their plants to flower, which will require approximately eight weeks to fully bud and completely mature.

Yields are good, with CB Dream seeds capable of producing up to 400 grams per square meter of the highest quality buds when grown indoors, and a similar per plant weight when grown outdoors under optimum conditions. The plants are compact and bushy, perfect for both Sea, and Scree-of-Green growing styles, as well as responding well to techniques such as super-cropping, bending and topping.

Whether you’re new to growing marijuana, or a seasoned veteran, these easy to grow medical marijuana seeds are the perfect choice for those people looking for a high medicinal value strain. Available as feminized seeds, you can buy CB Dream in packets of 5, 10 and 25 seeds, with secure payment facilities and delivery options through us.

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CB Dream Medical Seeds

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