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CBD Shark feminized medical marijuana seeds are the perfect choice for those growers wishing to grow their own medical grade marijuana and enjoy the medicinal benefits, rather than getting ‘high’.

Research is showing that some natural chemicals found in cannabis and marijuana can have a positive effect on a wide number of ailments and medical conditions, and for those patients that prefer natural remedies, rather than pharmaceutical drugs, the legalization of marijuana in Canada, now allows them the choice.

Marijuana contains a wide variety of compounds, with the two major and most common being THC and CBD. Both produce entirely different effects, with THC responsible for the feelings of euphoria and ‘high’, while CBD doesn’t alter the users consciousness, instead, according to research, it’s believed to have a positive effect on a person’s health.

CBD Shark medical marijuana seeds have been bred to contain enhanced levels of CBD, up to 8%, with the minimal amount of THC, approximately 6%.

These high CBD ratios minimize the the effects of THC, while generating the maximum amount of natural medicine, with CBD Shark seeds particularly good at reducing chronic pain, muscle pain and female cramps, depression, anxiety and stress, as well as being a positive anti-inflammatory agent.

An easy to grow marijuana strain, although not recommended for complete beginners, CBD Shark is best cultivated indoors, within a controlled environment. All the seeds are feminized, removing the worry of male plants, and guaranteeing each seed produces a high quality, medicinal harvest.

CBD Shark produces its best quality yields within a controlled growing area, where the plants can be given an equal twelve hours of light and dark to promote optimum flowering. Under these conditions, complete maturity is achieved between 60 – 70 days, generating buds with an earthy-woody aroma and subtle flavor.

Indoor harvests are moderate, with good conditions generating between 300 – 400 grams of the highest quality buds per square meter. Capable of growing using a variety of methods and techniques, it also responds well to super-cropping, bending and topping.

If you’re looking for a high CBD/low THC strain, CBD Shark is a perfect choice. Completely feminized and stable, these high quality medical marijuana seeds are available in a variety of pack sizes, with the option of 5, 10 and 25 seeds per packet. Find out more about CDB Shark and medical marijuana seeds by clicking through the links provided.

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