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A Sativa-dominant variety with big buds and heavy yields.

Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cotton Candy Cannabis seeds are one of the latest releases from Crop King. Completely feminized and devoid of male chromosomes, each seed germinated, is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant. An adaptable and easy to grow strain, with a small amount of knowledge, you’ll soon be producing some of the largest, biggest buds with these high-quality seeds.

Created from crossing the Lavender and Power Plant strains, the plant’s have a 75% Sativa dominance. This can produce a reasonably tall plant, which, although suited to indoor growing techniques, may require training to avoid future height issues. Low-stress training, topping and the Screen-of-Green method are all recommended growing methods.

Given a warm, Mediterranean climate, Cotton Candy Cannabis plants thrive outdoors. Their natural resilience to many common bugs and pests, together with a resistant to mold, make them a great choice for large harvests. Unfortunately, they will not mature until early October, making them difficult to grow outdoors in Canada.

Allow your plants a short vegetative cycle before sending them to flower. The Sativa dominance will produce a stretch during the first weeks of pre-flowering, so be prepared to adjust the height of your lights often.

Flowering times are between 60 – 70 days, nine-to-ten weeks, which is pretty average for a large, Sativa-dominant strain. Yields vary, depending on conditions and techniques. Lighting, nutrients, fresh-air and space, as well as an understanding of how Cannabis grows, all help to improve both yields and quality.

With good, controlled conditions, plants can yield as much as 600 grams of top-quality buds per square meter. Outdoor plants can yield up to 1,500 each, under optimum conditions.

The buds are large and visually impressive, offering a colorful display and a thick coating of resin. Cooler night-time temperatures, as maturity approaches, can produce a light-purple, lavender coloring across the leaves and buds, adding to their appeal. The smoke is light and smooth, with a refreshing, citrus and floral flavor.

High THC levels of 23% add to this strains appeal, inducing an uplifting, creative sensation, highly motivational and perfect for daytime use. If you like your Cannabis to deliver a burst of focus and energy throughout the day, Cotton Candy delivers! A great strain for motivating the mind and body, helping to complete even the most mundane of tasks.

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These Cotton Candy Cannabis seeds are one of the many new strains now available.


Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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