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Crown Royale Seeds

Perfect for recreational and medicinal use with a high CBD content.

Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Crown Royale is one of Crop King’s signature strains, offering exceptional harvests of potent, sticky buds. A bushy, compact plant with a 70% Indica heritage, it’s a perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience, from the new, hobby grower to more seasoned veterans.

Created from Blueberry and Purple Kush, Crown Royale marijuana seeds are completely feminized, generating stable, uniform, female plants with a strong, pungent aroma.

Flowering requires an average of nine weeks for the plants to completely mature, producing hard, dense buds with a generous coating of sticky resin.

An easy strain to grow, Crown Royale marijuana seeds can be cultivated either indoors, within a purpose built area. Or outside during the growing season, although they should be germinated and started indoors, prior to outdoor potting.


With care and good conditions, the plants can return up to 500 grams of potent buds per square meter, or 400 grams per plant grown outside.

Crown Royale marijuana is enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users alike, with a THC content of 21% and CBD levels of an incredible 2.1% making it an extremely rich form of medical marijuana. Its potent effects can help to reduce pain, inflammation and insomnia, while recreational users will enjoy the powerful ‘body-stone’ and long-lasting high.

Once dried and cured, Crown Royale marijuana buds have a pungent aroma and full-bodied flavor that leaves you wanting more. Dense buds with a crystal coating produce heavy yields, benefiting from super-cropping, topping and bending techniques. A perfect choice for both Sea, and Screen-of-Green growers.

You can buy Crown Royale marijuana seeds through us in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized seed packs.

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Crown Royale Seeds

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Crown Royale Cannabis Seeds

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